LH Spotlight: Rocket Club

There is a new club coming to town, and this is your fair warning to RUN and claim your spot!

We were given advanced access to ROCKET CLUB, the new STEM-focused program for kids (ages 9-14) that focuses on coding, robot building and programming, and entrepreneurial skills. Yup, you read that correctly, entrepreneurial teachings is part of a program for kids starting at age 9. Intrigued?

So were we.

We love learning about new programs in town, but its rare that we walk into a space and don't want to leave. This place is cool. Like, really, REALLY cool. The Rocket Club is set up like a NASA-style garage, with high-tech work stations, 3D printers, robots, and so many gadgets that we had never seen before. What's even more impressive is the amount of thought, intense research, and attention to detail that was put into developing the program and designing the space.

The club was initially conceptualized by a group of Forbes 30 under 30 recipients, who valued their own STEM education. After a year of intense research of other programs around the country, they teamed up with a group of FIRST & VEX Robotics Alumni, VR/AR Unity Experts, and NASA Engineers to create the Rocket club, a proprietary curriculum of advanced STEM concepts.

Taught by 3 incredible instructors with background ranging from robotics and technology competitions to gaming and virtual reality experts, the curriculum includes three main focuses:


  • Each Rocket Club member uses a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Education Kit to build robotic race cars, cranes, claws, and Mars Rovers.

  • Throughout the first semester, Rocket Club members will learn how to bring wheels, gears, axles, joints, and pulleys to life.

  • The basic concepts of mechanisms, electronics, physics.


  • Learn how to program and control robots to complete tasks.

  • Intro to Unity VR/AR (virtual reality / augmented reality) & game development with a Parsons Art and Design Professor.

  • Program with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 software.


  • At the end of the semester, members can participate in a Shark Tank-styled competition, where finalists pitch their robotics business plan to three Forbes 30 Under 30 Founders.

  • Rocket Club members will learn hands-on basics of financial modeling, branding, marketing, and operations.

  • Exclusive access to a network of accomplished advisors and mentors.

Robot Club is granting Little Hoboken readers first access to registration. They are accepting only 36 spots for their inaugural semester with limited time introductory pricing. Ready to grab a spot?!

Here are the details:

Semester runs Feb 25-June 30th

Classes are once per week for 2 hours (4-6pm, Mon, Wed, or Fri)

Introductory Price of $395/mo with the first month free

All club members receive a personalized club bomber jacket

Tour is required prior to registration