The Holistic Mom: Pumping Iron

I am geeking out over today’s find.

I love to find natural alternatives to medication when appropriate - I also love Western medication when appropriate. However, some meds come with unpleasant side effects that make taking them difficult!

One common pregnancy side effect can be iron deficiency anemia. Many of us ladies have low iron levels as it is and they can go even lower during pregnancy. During routine bloodwork your doctor may recommend an iron supplement. These supplements can wreak havoc on your belly! If you have morning sickness on top of it - forget it.

I have had a jar of Blackstrap molasses in my kitchen cabinet forever, because it’s a super nutrient dense food. It’s extremely high in iron, Magnesium, manganese, copper and calcium. For pregnant mommies looking to add more iron to their diet, the molasses can be made into a super easy “pregnancy tea” - 1 Tbsp in a cup of hot water. I also like to add ginger for nausea. As always, check with your doctor before any supplementation, but I hope you find this as helpful and exciting as I do!

Get it here: Plantation Organic Blackstrap Molasses, 15 oz Bottle (Unsulphured)

Jessica Crystal is an RN, BSN with a degree from the University of Delaware, a holistic health coach certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a mom to a busy toddler, Emma. She enjoys yoga, reading, and shopping and eating on Washington Street. She has lived in Hoboken for over six years with her husband Adam. Jessica runs Little Hoboken Health and Wellness and you can see her on Instastories every Wednesday for Wellness Wednesdays (@littlehoboken).