Mom Boss of the Month: Jessica Crystal

This month's (and first of the new year!) Mom Boss is so special to us. Jessica is a RN, a wellness coach, a patient and loving mama, super funny, and loves 90's pop (Hanson, anyone?). More importantly she is our friend and she is the face of Little Hoboken Health and Wellness, plus one of our most popular contributors, The Holistic Mom. We got the chance to interview Jess in a way we normally don't speak to her and now you can all love her as much as we do!

You were a soda drinking, diet pill-taking, junk food-eating college kid like the rest of us. What made you start to change your lifestyle?

After college, I dropped the diet pills and the soda, but I REALLY cleaned up my act around the time that we get married. I have to say, a huge motivating factor was creating the ideal home for my future baby. I knew I wanted to have the healthiest body and home possible. I also found that yoga and meditation was huge for managing my anxiety.

You are an RN, so you understand science and practical medicine. What made you decide to get into health coaching and take things to the next level?

I was seeing sick people every single day at work and I started to ask myself WHY. Why do people get so sick, is there any way of preventing these illnesses, how can we nourish our bodies and act preventatively to ward off diseases, rather than reacting with intense treatments later on.

Is your husband on board with it all? Does he burn sage and drink herbal smoothies or does he just go along with things in the name of love?

My husband loves that I love all this stuff, and he’s super supportive. However, he hates the smell of sage ;)

What is your advice to someone who is intrigued by essential oils, herbs…a general “holistic” lifestyle and doesn’t know where to start?

Call me! Ha ha. I love talking about these things to people who want to learn more. Start with one thing that really intrigues you and go from there.

What is the best business advice anyone ever gave you? How about the worst?

When I was considering health coaching but felt like there were so many “coaches” out there, I heard Gabrielle Bernstein say “there are far more people that need your light” – meaning there are way more people who need this information than have access to it! I can’t think of any bad business advice I’ve personally received, but it makes me sad when I see women who call themselves health coaches marketing with scare tactics and body shaming.

What do you love most about raising a family in Hoboken and where are your go-to spots?

I love so much about raising a family in Hoboken. I love that there is a park steps from our front door. I love that we can take our daughter Emma to look at the city

skyline, ride the ferry, and enjoy the best of NYC. I love that we still have the cozy small town feeling of knowing our neighbors and saying hi to people on the streets. Our usual weekly haunts are Bwe Kafe, Big Fun Toys, Organic Basic Foods, and Elysian Park. My husband and I love Amanda’s for dinner, and think Napoli’s has the best pizza.

If you could have one hour to go back to your unhealthy ways, what would you eat or what product would you use?

I think I would have a cheeseburger from this amazing fast food place in my hometown called All American.

Talk to us about raising a child “holistically”? What are some of the ways you incorporate this into your parenting?

Chiropractic care has made a huge difference in my daughter’s immune system. I use essential oils on her – a few drops in the bath, bottoms of her feet, or in the diffuser. We lean toward the more natural treatments first – but I am also a nurse, so trust and believe we take her to the doctor when she needs it! She loves to do yoga with me – and she’s way better than I am. Kids are SO flexible! I am also incorporating mindfulness into our daily routine – I teach her to take deep breaths, I explain what meditation is, we do “legs up the wall” at night to help relax. I encourage her to appreciate nature. What feels most important to me is to teach my daughter to trust her intuition, to learn to listen to her own voice, and to feel validated and supported.

You have recently partnered with LH to launch the Little Hoboken Health & Wellness division (yay!). Aside from our friendship (which we love, of course!) what excites you about this partnership? What do you want people to know?

First of all – I am still blown away that I get to do this with you guys. I am so grateful that Little Hoboken exists. I love this community. I am excited to bring wellness to our community in a way that feels real, authentic, and accessible. I am not about the latest supplements and the quick fixes and the products. I am about small, doable changes that add up to feeling free in our bodies and calm in our minds. There is no “there” – no one person has it all figured out, or has the most perfect healthy lifestyle. It’s not about perfection – it’s about learning the tools and going back to them quickly and often.

A day in the life of Jessica…go!

I like to wake up first and have some alone time. I’m a morning person by nature, I love getting up before everyone else and having that magical quiet time to myself. I like to start the day with some movement – more formal exercise or stretching. I try to meditate right after – sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I also like to hydrate early and drink a big glass of water first thing!

Once my daughter is up, we play inside or head to the park, then over to Bwe Kafe for coffee. We usually do a class like My Gym or Songs for Seeds mid-morning, and then come home for lunch. After that is nap time, which for me means catching up on work, or catching up on Real Housewives (usually a healthy mix of both). After Emma wakes up, we go for a walk, usually to the pier where she loves to look for boats, and say hi to ALL the doggies. After that is dinner, bath and bedtime. Once Emma is asleep, I finally get to catch up with my husband. Before bed, I like to read but I have a growing pile of books on my night stand.

For more of Jessica's holistic wisdom, follow her on LH's Wellness Wednesdays on our IG and learn more at

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