LH Spotlight: True Dental

Last year, Eliza made a new bestie in her class at Kaplan. She came home each day talking about what she did with Ady, what Ady said to her, how she gave Ady a big hug, and how she missed Ady. So, after a week of only talking about Ady, I decided to reach out to her mom and set up a play date.

Moms have many dreams in life- we want our kids to be happy, healthy, and kind. We our children to do well in school, to make friends, to fulfill their own dreams. Another mom dream is that they make friends with kids who have cool parents. We don't really say this out loud, but it's true. We want them to make friends with kids who have nice parents that we can also be friends with. Our social life revolves so much around what our kids are doing, and a having a mom friend to go along with it just makes it all so much more fun.

So, I was so excited when I finally met Ady (short for Adeline) and her awesome mom. We hit it off right away and quickly set up another play date; both for us and for the girls.

As I got to know Mila, and learned that she was also a pediatric dentist, I immediately wanted to tell you all about her. She is so great and seeing her demeanor with her own children and with mine, it is clear why she chose a career with kids. Mila is the owner of True Dental Care, the adorable and state-of-the-art pediatric dentist facility in Jersey City.

True Dental Care is the perfect combination of Dr. Mila Cohen's bubbly personality, motherly touch, and expert professionalism. Walking into her office, you can see that she has literally thought of everything for everyone from kids to teens. Her passion to create a friendly and warm environment makes for an enjoyable experience for her patients.

Her expert knowledge is due to her commitment to learning and going beyond the basic requirements in dentistry -- studying an extra two years for the pediatric specialty and taking optional board certification exams. Her priorities as a mother also spill over into her practice, offering multiple options, including holistic options with each treatment plan unique to each child, so that each family can feel that they have chosen the right dentistry center for their child.

There are many times that Little Hoboken (or I personally) recommends businesses based on the business model or services alone. However, this is one of the times that we can also recommend one based on the person behind it.

For more information about Dr. Mila and True Dental Care, visit their website or give them a call!