Little List: Experiential Gift Ideas for Kids

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Buying gifts for young children, especially for a birthday, is always a challenge. Often, the birthday child gets at least three of the same toy, resulting in 'regifting' or forcing the parent to run to several different stores making returns. This can all be avoided if people gave experiences instead of material items. Below is a list of experiential gifts for kids of all ages.

Music Classes

Most music classes will let you purchase a gift certificate of any amount, or prepay for the semester or classes, and have them added to the the child's account.

Baby Bandstand (LH Hook-UP Vendor)

Guitar Bar Jr.

Kidz Musik

Monroe Street Movement Space (LH Hook-UP Vendor)

Music for Aardvarks

Music Together

Musicology for Kids (LH Hook-UP Vendor)

Preschool of Rock (LH Hook-UP Vendor)

Puppetonia (LH Hook-UP Vendor)


Songs for Seeds (LH Hook-UP Vendor)

Three Little Birds

Art, Movement, Play, and Exploration

7 Fine Arts

Hugs and Bugs Club and Chrysalis Cove by Hugs and Bugs Club


Little City Play (LH Hook-UP Vendor)

Urban Arts

Urban Jungle (LH Hook-UP Vendor)

Gift Card Ideas


Build a Bear



Gift Box Subscriptions

Amazon STEM Club (ages 3-13)

Baseball Cards of the Month

Bitsbox (ages 6-14)

Genius Box (ages 8-12)

Girls Can! Crate (ages 5-10)

Kidstir Cooking Kit (ages 5-10)

Kiwi Crate by KiwiCO (ages 6 months+)

Literati Book Subscription (ages 0-9)

Little Passports (ages 3+)

Lootcrate (ages 12+)

My Pretend Place Box (ages 3-6)

Sensory TheraPLAY Box (ages 5-9)

Spangler Science Club (ages 5-12)

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