The Holistic Mom: EyeJust

Don’t you love the new iPhone feature which tells you how much screen time you use each day?

Me neither.

Not only does too much screen time turn us (and our kiddos!) into tech-dependent zombies, but it messes with our eyes, sleep, even SKIN! Yes, too much screen time gives you wrinkles, ladies.

I’ve written about blue light blocking glasses before, but if you’re not brave enough to rock those around town (I’m not) check out the EyeJust phone case! This case blocks the high-energy blue light coming from our screens and also protects our precious screens! Double duty. It's a health and wellness approach to digital devices! They actually partnered with doctors and scientists to develop the best blue light blocking screen protector to protect while connected. Blue light suppresses our body's naturally melatonin production keeping us awake and grabbing for our phones at 2 AM. It also increases the appearance of fine lines and is hazardous to our vision. These screen protectors are super easy to use and come with a host of benefits. I highly suggest checking them out! And, we're making it easier by scoring you 15% off your entire order with the code LITTLEHOBOKEN when you order here.

Jessica Crystal is an RN, BSN with a degree from the University of Delaware, a holistic health coach certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a mom to a busy toddler, Emma. She enjoys yoga, reading, and shopping and eating on Washington Street. To learn more, visit her blog