Little List: Local OBGYNs

The quality and quantity of our local doctors and specialists has definitely improved over the past decade now that more people are choosing to raise families in the area. Below is a list of local OBGYNs.


Brescia and Migliaccio Women's Health

609 Washington Street, Hoboken

(201) 659-7700

Manuel B. Banzon, MD

Mark J. Brescia, MD FACOG

Natasha R. Chinn, MD

Samantha B. Lowe, DO

Thomas A. Migliaccio, MD

Jeremy Moon, MD

Tanuja Openmatsa, MD

Johan A. Picard, MD

David Principe, MD

Raja Ruhala, MD

Nicole S. Tully, MD

Elite OBGYN, P.C.

95 Hudson Street, Hoboken

(201) 342-7002

Dr. Adam M. Shoman, MD, FACOG

Dr. Osbert Fernandez, MD, FACOG, FAAFP

5 Marine View Plaza, Suite 101, Hoboken

(201) 706-4524

Lily W. Gonzalez, MD

900 Washington Street, Hoboken

(201) 659-4133

Hoboken Family Medicine and Women's Health

133 Madison Street, Hoboken

(201) 420-6445

Bianca Chiara, MD (no pregnancy services)

Emiliana M. Magpantal, MD

330 Grand Street A, Hoboken

(201) 659-7102

Sabrina Nilyfar, MD

David Principe, MD

308 Willow Avenue, Hoboken

(201) 418-3162

OBGYN Associates of North Jersey

228 Park Avenue

(201) 869-5488

Hugo Kitzis, MD, FACOG

Amanda L. Ganza, MD

Sheirill Maejan, MSN, WHNP-BC

Sandra Giron, MD, FACOG

Ilana Naghi, MD

Hyunsoon B. Im, MD, FACOG

Bryan A. Pablo, MD, FACOG

Michelle M. Fletcher, MD

Palisades Women's Group

1499 Park Avenue, Hoboken

(201) 868-6755

Karishna Anik, DO

Peter Balazs, MD, FACOG

Zankhana Patel Batra, MD

Mary Martha Chu, M.M., FACOG, MD

Jigna K. Patel, MD

Pampered Pregnancy

308 Willow Avenue, Hoboken

(201) 418-2529

Raul Aguilar, MD

Michael Ahn, DO

Osbert Fernandez, MD

Joseph Gressock, MD

Francine Hyman, MD

George McQuilkin, MD

Rakhee Patel, MD

Elizabeth-Anne Scheff, MD

Dineasha Potter-Mcquilkin, MD

129 Washington Street

(201) 795-0501

Susan Wolf, M.D.

79 Hudson Street, Hoboken

(888) 770-9080

Jersey City

Nicole B. Baptiste, MD

550 Summit Avenue, #B1

(201) 332-7077

Michael Bimonte, MD

377 Jersey Avenue, #220

(201) 309-2380

Cheryl A. Carter, MD

355 Grand Street

(201) 309-2380

Kenneth Chang, MD

3144 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

(201) 792-9339

Jersey GYN

271 Newark Avenue

(201) 332-2002

Carol L. Gagliardi, MD

550 Newark Avenue

(201) 332-2000

Lily W. Gonzalez, MD

359 Grove Street

(201) 432-8717

Integrated Obstetrics

21 McWilliams Place

(201) 691-8664

Yaakov Abdelhak, MD, FACOG

Kristin Mallon, CNM, MS, RNC-OB

Amanda Resnikoff-Gary, MD

Jonathan "Dr. John" Ratzersdorfer, MD

Hasan Katija, MD

129 Palisade Avenue

(201) 656-6523

Liberty Women OBGYN

377 Jersey Avenue, #250

(201) 763-6763

Yousry Ahmen, MD

Dr. Muhammad

Manpreet Mann, MD JU-OBGYN

239 Washington Street

(201) 433-1452

Navjot Ghotra, MD OBGYN

3185 JFK Boulevard

(201) 239-1818

Ralph Pellecchia, MD

935 Garfield Avenue

(201) 478-5800

Rahula Raja, MD

201 Palisade Avenue

(201) 963-2200

Elizabeth Ramirez, MD

435 Central Avenue

(201) 217-5600

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