Introducing The Homemade Mom

Hi! I'm Julie.

I'm a stay-at-home mom of two girls and I have a passion for all things food. I love growing, cooking, and, of course, eating food! I started meal-planning years ago as a way to eliminate food (and money) waste and to focus on making smarter food choices for my family. I wanted to rid myself of that feeling you have after having filled your cart with random food in the grocery store, only to get home and realize you have no food to cook for dinner.

For years, my husband and friends tried to convince me to start my own food blog, so I finally did earlier this year! It's a place where I can share my weekly meal-plans, shopping lists, cooking tips & tricks, and, of course, the easy-to-make, homemade food I cook with my family.

Starting next Friday, I'll be sharing all that, plus more, with Little Hoboken every Friday as 'The Homemade Mom'.

Want a menu plan idea now? Head to Julie's blog here for past ideas and come back next Friday for a new one!