LOCAL LOYALTY: Keeping Hoboken Alive

Hoboken is a small city with a huge amount of charm. Anyone can agree that part of that charm is the small, locally-owned businesses in town.

Small businesses have lined our streets for many years, each rich with history and with strong family ties to our community. Delis where the meat is hand-cut and the mozzarella is as fresh as can be. Bakeries & restaurants where someone's Nonna is hard at work, sharing her famous family recipe. Boutiques and shops where the owners have grown up with their customers.

We can all agree that these places are some of the most special parts of Hoboken. And yet, they are closing so fast and so often. It seems like there is another small business closing almost daily.

We need to regroup here. We need to come together as a community and decide what we want. Do we want empty storefronts lining our streets? Do we want Washington Street to turn into Any-Mall-USA?

Everyone is quick to take advantage of the closing discounts the stores are offering, but let's revisit why they are closing...because we aren't supporting them enough while they are trying to stay. Because we are buying our makeup at Sephora, getting our blowouts at DryBar, or buying our furniture at West Elm. Don't get us wrong here, we also love these stores and there are just some things they offer that the smaller guys don't.

We get it.

BUT, before you go there, just check the small guy first. Maybe they do have it? Maybe they can get it for you? Maybe they didn't even know you needed/wanted that particular item in the first place. Your purchase with the small-owned business means SO MUCH MORE than just a purchase. It means success to someone who took a chance. It means supporting their family. It means keeping their dream alive. It means keeping Hoboken's charm.

We want to support the small businesses, and as another small business, we try so very hard to support them as much as we can. Personally, we can do better. We will do better. We challenge you all to do better too. We challenge you to support the small guys. When someone asks where to get a great custom cake, recommend a local baker instead of the large chain supermarket. When someone asks where to buy that perfect dress for a night out, recommend one of the great boutiques in town instead of an online rental service. When a fellow mom asks where to get baby gear, send her to the one of the local hidden gems instead of the big box store. And when you need to rally your girlfriends for an intense workout session, go to one of the locally-owned gyms instead of the national chain. Do your part and we'll do ours, too.

To keeping Hoboken Alive,


Cassie & Melissa

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