Little List: Best Learning Apps for Kids

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Even though we try, it is seemingly impossible to put an end to our children's obsession with our phones and tablets. If they are going to play with them, they may as well do something educational. So here is a list of some of our favorite educational apps.

ABC Mouse

Cost: FREE for 30 days followed by $7.95 per month or $79 annual rate

Description: Ages 2-8. Curriculums are designed with 10 levels and over 850 lessons in Reading, Math, Science, and Art

Dexteria Dots 2

Cost: $3.00

Description: Ages 6+. Helps children improve math and fine motor skills.


Cost: FREE

Description: Ages 4+. Teaches over 25 foreign languages in a fun and motivating way.


Cost: $7.99 per app

Description: DragonBox is an umbrella for 5 different "DragonBox" learning apps for math. Ages vary based on which app you purchase.

Elmo Loves 123's

Cost: $4.99

Description: Ages 5 and under. Elmo will teach your child to count from 1-20, as well as, simple addition and subtraction.

Fish School HD

Cost: FREE

Description: Ages 2-5. Fish teach letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.

GoldieBlox and the Movie Machine

Cost: FREE

Description: Ages 6+. With the goal to inspire girls to be engineers, this app teaches the basics of animation. They can even make their own 1 second GIFs.

Kid's Academy

Cost: FREE with some in-app purchases to upgrade

Description: Ages 2-6. Interactive games, videos, and activities to help improve your child's math, writing, phonics, and reading skills.

My Molecularium

Cost: FREE with some in-app purchases

Description: This molecule building game is appropriate for all ages 4 through high school.

PBS Kids Games and Videos

Cost: FREE

Description: Ages 2-8. You can learn alongside your kids playing math, science, and other educational games with characters from Arthur, Wild Kratts, and Daniel Tiger.

Peekaboo Barn

Cost: $1.99

Description: Ages 0-5. This app has multiple language features and teaches children animal names, and sounds, as well as cause and effect.

Peekaboo Kitchen

Cost: $1.99

Description: Ages 1-3. Teaches toddlers everyday vocabulary for things around the kitchen.

Preschool First Words

Cost: FREE with in-app purchases

Description: Ages 0-5. Children learn words in "sorting", "matching", and "find it" games. Areas include shapes, foods, colors, clothes, animals, toys, weather, etc.

School Zone Time, Money, and Fractions On-Track

Cost: $4.99

Description: Ages 6-8. Children will learn to tell time, understand currency, and comprehend fractions.

Science 360

Cost: FREE

Description: Ages 4+. Created by the National Science Foundation, Science 360 offers 360 degree views of nature for kids to explore from all angles.

Spelling Stage

Cost: FREE with in-app purchases

Description: Ages 4+. Players will participate in mock spelling bees and earn rewards as they spell correctly. Multiple players can compete on varying levels.

Stack the States

Cost: $2.99

Description: Ages 9-11. Teaches states, capitals, and abbreviations through a series of games.

The Magic School Bus: Oceans

Cost: $3.99

Description: Ages 6-8. This interactive storybook features scientific facts.

The Sight Word Adventure

Cost: $3.99

Description: Ages 5 and under. This app will help your child recognize, read, and write up to 320 words.

Quick Math

Cost: There are several Quick Math apps with pricing up to $8.99

Description: The various apps teach math skills for students grades 2-6.

Winky Think Logic Puzzles

Cost: $2.99

Description: Over 180 logic puzzles for children ages 6-8.

YouTube Kids

Cost: FREE

Description: Contains educational videos.

Did we miss any apps that your child loves?

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