Mom Boss of the Month: Jamie Lieberman

This month's mom boss is a bad ass lawyer, business owner, and podcaster among other things. She happens to be Little Hoboken's attorney, but more importantly, she's our friend. Jamie is a mother of two boys and an "I'm staying in Hoboken forever" resident.

You and your husband are both lawyers…so we are dying to know. How do arguments go in your house? Have you ever yelled “OBJECTION!” during a marital spat?

This question always makes me laugh and we get it a lot. We pretty much argue like everyone else, although occasionally I find myself mentally building a case against him, like I would in court. But there is no judge, so it is pretty much a waste of time. Besides, I win every single argument in my mind. (kidding)

You are also a business owner and wear a lot of different hats in the business world. Aside from not having to hire a lawyer like the rest of us, what is one thing about being a lawyer that you think gives you a leg up in business?

I do have to hire lawyers, actually! There are areas of law I do not practice so I always outsource if those issues arise, such as for estate planning or real estate transactions. As a lawyer, my job is to be analytical and to see issues from all sides, which is very helpful in business. I also have strong negotiation skills and it is also nice to be able to write and edit my own contracts.

What is the best business advice you were ever given? How about the worst?

The best business advice, and the business advice I always give is, “stay in your lane.” Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing around you. Do your own thing, be yourself and follow your gut. Success will follow.

The worst business advice I often hear is that you can do everything yourself to save money when you are starting a business. It is vital to make the investment in your business to make sure you are setting it up correctly. This will protect you (and save you money) in the long run so you don’t have to fix issues later on. Trust me!

Becoming a lawyer obviously means you went to a few years of school and spent lots of time studying. How do you approach school & homework with your kids and how do you convey how important that is without putting too much pressure on them?

I am pretty lucky because my kids love school and homework so far. We try to keep learning fun by letting my kids have a say in the educational activities we do. We also allow for plenty of downtime and sneak in learning activities when they don’t even realize it.

What is your funniest mom fail moment?

My funniest mom fail is a next level fail. When one of my sons was just born, he woke up with a wet back. Instead of taking the time to investigate what it could be, I jumped to the conclusion that he was sweating through his clothes because he was sick. I rushed him to the doctor only to find out he had just peed through his diaper and wet his clothes. The doctor had a lot of grace with me, but needless to say, I lost my embarrassment gene after that one. Now, mom fails don’t phase me at all!

Most of us have seen more than a few episodes of Law & Order (or watched several days worth of marathons…) and so, we think we know what it is like to be in a courtroom. What is a myth you’d like to set the record straight on?

I secretly love those shows but always laugh at the courtroom scenes. Lawyers are not allowed to give those long soliloquies that you hear when the lawyers are either objecting or just giving an impromptu speech. A judge would stop an attorney doing that really fast, and you may even hurt your client’s chances at success. Although it certainly adds to the drama!

When you do get a break from work and parenting, where is your favorite date night spot in Hoboken?

I love Stingray Lounge. Great food and cocktails and totally walkable to my apartment.

You have a unique specialty in bloggers/influencer marketing. And by unique, we mean you are the only smarty pants who figured out that this is an area of law to practice in. What is your advice to someone who sees a hole in their market and wants to start a new brand, product, or service?

Just jump in. Don’t hesitate or wait or look at what anyone else is doing. And don’t worry about making mistakes. Step back, reevaluate, learn from it and move onward and upward.

What is the best thing about raising a family in Hoboken?

I love this city so much it is almost impossible to pick one thing that stands out for me. I love the community – that you can walk down the street and bump into people you know and have an impromptu playdate or coffee date. I love the amazing businesses that are being built in this community and how warm and friendly everyone is. I love the friends I have made and continue to make both through work, the gym and from my kids.

And, I love you guys!

A day in the life of Jamie. Go!

7:00am - Wake up. Make school lunches. Wrangle kids.

8:00am - Walk the kids to school. Thankfully they are both in the same school so we have one drop off, just at different times.

9:00am - Gym time! This is my one hour of the day that is just for me and I look forward to it every morning. My favorite gym in Hoboken is Fit Foundry. They are awesome, go check it out!

10:00am - Coffee. Work. (in that order). My morning typically consists of phone calls or Skype calls, a podcast recording or Facebook Live, and answering all the email. Sometimes I head to a meeting, but the majority of my work is done for clients virtually.

1:00pm - Lunch time. I’d like to say that I take a pause to eat lunch, but on most days I am eating while typing. Or talking to my business partner (sorry for the chewing, Danielle!)

2:00pm - I try to time block my afternoon so I can work on client projects.

3:00pm - Resist the urge for more coffee. Fail.

5:00pm - I stop working when my kids get home from school. I put my phone down and don’t pick it back up until they go to bed. We do homework and talk about the day while I make dinner.

7:30pm - Kids go to bed. Laptop comes back out. I typically work for a few hours every night on client projects or to catch up on emails I missed while spending time with my kids.

11:00pm - I try to stop working by 11 so I have some downtime before bed. I either watch something mindless or read.

12:00am - Bed time! (and prayers that no one wakes up)

Jamie's firm is Hashtag-Legal, LLC.

To learn more about her practice and specialties, visit her website!

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