LH Spotlight: Fertility Together

Being so open about my own fertility journey has brought on many conversations with many different people, and has really been an eye opening experience for me. The amount of couples that experience infertility is astonishing, and the number of these women who feel alone and confused by the process is scary. Throughout my journey, so many have reached out to me to show their support, but many also reached out to seek my support and ask questions. Truthfully, I don't always know what to say. I can only speak to my own experience, and, being that it took 2 years to get pregnant, much of my experience was trying and depressing.

Some of the most common questions I get are, "What should I be doing differently?" and "Should I switch my doctor?". These are REALLY big questions and my usual answer is, "you have to trust yourself." The infertility process can quite literally drive you crazy, and my best advice has always been to trust the process and your doctor. If you aren't feeling that trust, then you aren't in the right place.

I now have a new answer to these questions though. The new answer is, "Call Leyla."

Leyla Bilali is a fertility nurse and the founder of Fertility Together, a concierge service for couples experiencing infertility. As a fertility nurse for one of the largest clinics in NYC, Leyla had a front row seat to the fear and uncertainty that couples were facing. She saw the limitations that the big clinics had in supporting their patients, and decided to do something about it.

Navigating tests and appointments, understanding the jargon and lingo, and relying on Dr. Google can put anyone into a tailspin. Your first shipment of IVF meds (picture a huge box of needles, vials of medicine, and directions that don't make sense) is SO overwhelming. Fertility Together combines the emotional support with medicine, so you can have the care you need all in one place. Leyla can help you find the right doctor, understand that plan of care, open that box of medicine, teach you how to do your injections (or do them for you!), and hold your hand as much as you need it. She's there to understand the weight of this situation and help take that weight off of your shoulders as much as possible.

"I believe that a nurturing, knowledgeable partner can make all the difference as someone navigates his/her unique path to fertility. In my 10 years as a registered nurse, I have learned how to make healthcare more comfortable and understandable by inserting my compassion, humor, (THIS IS A BIG ONE) and reliability. The medical world can feel very stiff and scary and we often need a shoulder to lean on to get through it. This is especially true for fertility patients as they are usually in a vulnerable state to begin with. Whether you are simply curious about your reproductive health, ready to take action via egg freezing, or struggling with infertility, it doesn't get much more emotional, raw, or intimate than this. And because of this intimacy, it's often hard for people to talk about it. We are doing much better as a society in terms of lifting the taboo on fertility, but we have a long way to go!"

Fertility Together is an invaluable resource in the world of fertility, and one that I recommend to anyone who is going through it. Leyla is easy to talk to, fun to hang out with, and the fact that she actually understands all of the craziness you are going through makes her the best fertility friend you'll ever have. In fact, she created this business at the suggestion of some of her own patients who recognized her ability to connect, support, and advocate for them.

To learn more about Leyla and her services, visit Fertility Together and set up your initial consult. As always, I am still here to answer any questions I can or to offer my support....but my advice may just be to "call Layla!"

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