Introducing Little Hoboken Health & Wellness

I am so excited to partner with Little Hoboken to bring you Little Hoboken Health and Wellness! As a registered nurse of ten years, and a certified health coach, better living through healthy eating, mindset, and lifestyle changes is my true passion. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to bring this to our community in a way that is doable and accessible for everyone.

Little Hoboken Health and Wellness will be focused on helping mothers (and mothers-to-be!) on living with vitality, nourishing our bodies with healthy and delicious food, and taking care of ourselves – all while juggling parenthood, career, friends, and family. I promise you, it is possible and I am here to guide you!

I will continue to see private coaching clients, and work with the Little Hoboken team to plan wellness focused events. I would LOVE to hear from you if there are specific topics you would like us to cover. This idea was built specifically for our community and I am always open to suggestions.

My goal is to bring my nursing background and my holistic lifestyle education (and personal practice!) to help my fellow mamas navigate the wellness world, find what works for you as an individual, and educate the community on different health and wellness topics. I am holistic – but realistic. You might see me at yoga in the morning, and having pizza in the afternoon. It’s a balance. An all-or-nothing lifestyle is no way to live. You may catch me setting new moon intentions after binge watching the latest Real Housewives. There are different ways of self-care and they are all welcomed here. The idea is to help you find what works for you as an individual – we are not built 100% the same.

Private coaching will be a deep-dive into your personal health background, nutrition, and lifestyle. We will talk about stressors, what you perceive as barriers to a healthier life, and work through them together. Group events will be fun gatherings where we learn together about wellness tips and trends, and visits from some of our favorite local professionals.

I am so thankful to Little Hoboken for trusting me to be their resident Holistic Mom, and transition into the creation of Little Hoboken Health and Wellness!