LH Spotlight: Mills Tavern

One of the most common questions we hear (and ask!) is, "Where is a good place to have a party?" and one of the least common answers is Mills Tavern. We aren't sure why, but this hidden gem has been flying under the radar.

Mills Tavern is a staple of Washington Street, and with a recent renovation, this space really brings together the new and the old. It is owned by a Hoboken family with strong ties to the mile-square and a commitment to our community.

Their upstairs space is perfect for the not-really-for-them-anyway 1st birthday bash, a family gathering, a 30th or 40th birthday party or anything else you can dream up. With a private bar, private bathrooms, lots of tables and lounge space, Mills Tavern makes a private event really easy.

For more information on Mills Tavern (For more information on Mills Tavern (or their sister properties Black Bear, Arthur's, and Tally Ho) visit their website or stop in!

We'll see you at our Book Club meet-up there this week!

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