Top Local Spots for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Ah, Chocolate Ice Cream Day. As if you needed a "holiday" as an excuse to go out for ice cream today...right?

Here are some of my favorite local picks for celebrating this national holiday.

If you're someone who likes the tried and true, Ben & Jerry's is always a great option. Conveniently located on 4th and Washington, this one is a nice lunch time option for those who work in town (or are just out and about!).

For an extensive selection of chocolate-based ice cream flavors, head over to Torico in Jersey City. They have the standard chocolate, along with some fun ones like Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Marshmallow, and more. The flavor shown above is Chocolate Blackout!

Have a taste for the finer things in life? I loovvve the handcrafted artisanal gelato from Bucket & Bay . Their Deep Dark Chocolate is the way to go today! You also get a discount when you use your Hook-Up card!

If you're looking to switch it up or have never tried Thai-style rolled ice cream, then check out Angel's Recipe Ice Cream. Sadly, they closed their Hoboken location, but luckily moved to a space next door in Jersey City. The ice cream is great alone, or you can pair it with crepes.

Do you prefer your ice cream in milkshake form instead of a cone? This beauty pictured above is a S'mores milkshake from Birch, but I also recommend the "Peanut Butter & Chocolate Lover's Heaven". Two more important tidbits: You can get that spiked (because, children) AND they're on the Hook-Up.

Is an ice cream sandwich more your jam? Did you know that Insomnia Cookies delivers ice cream as well?? If you didn't, don't feel bad. I just learned this *very important* news yesterday while doing 'research' for this post. Order your choice of cookies along with vanilla or chocolate ice cream and call it a (damn good) night.

Looking for fro-yo instead? While technically not ice cream, my recommendation is for NK Frozen Yogurt Cafe in Hoboken. The owner is friendly, the flavors are delicious (and yes, that includes chocolate), and you get a discount with your Hook-Up card.