Introducing The Haute Mess Mom

Hi Neighbors!

I'm Betsy, Little Hoboken's new style expert, aka, The Haute Mess Mom. I'm so excited to share with you the advice I've learned from my lifelong obsession with all things fashion!

Growing up, I'd wait anxiously for the latest issues of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle to arrive in the mail (you name it, it came to our house!). I'd cut them up to create my own books of all my favorite looks, best dressed celebs, and what to wear when in Capri, because...what 8-year-old doesn’t need to know this?!?! Basically, if you've ever lived with me as a family member, roommate, or now my sweet and understanding hubby and our girls, you learn to deal with magazines. Everywhere. As I got older, my fashion obsession grew as I was able to rock the looks that I used to obsess over. Although I decided not to go into fashion as a career - because I thought it would ruin my love for it (SMH, ahhh youth!) - I channeled this love into another passion of mine, entertainment - specifically movies - and spent over 15 years working full-time in PR. From fresh-faced ingenues to established household names, I relished any opportunity to advise talent on what to wear for their press interviews. These days, I consult as a freelance film publicist while raising my twin girls, Sky and Ava, who are almost 5 years-old and already turning into little fashionistas before my very eyes. (Who knew 5-year-olds have SO many opinions?!) If you see me around town, first of all, say Hi - I love living in Hoboken and meeting new people! - and, secondly, you'll know me because I’m likely carrying a large, iced coffee, wearing sunnies to hide my under eye bags, and, true to my Little Hoboken name, literally wearing something that explains why I'm the Haute Mess Mom. Like most moms, I'm always in a rush, so, typically, I grab whatever is in the pile in the corner of my bedroom and make it work by adding the right accessories or shoes. I'm all for rocking leggings as pants, dining at a fancy restaurant dressing up a sportier outfit with 5-inch booties, or going to a film premiere wearing designer shoes with a "dress" (actually a nightgown from the Target pajama section. This really happened and I got a ton of compliments!) Fashion isn’t my job, but it’s the thing I think about the most. (Well, except for my kids, although I think about dressing them constantly.) I spend much of my ME time, and even some of my time with my husband (sorry, Lawr) on Instagram, fashion blogs, and clothing websites creating the modern day versions of my childhood magazines. I know what looks good together, what’s a good deal, and the trends that flatter. But also, I know that wearing what you like and what you’re comfortable in is the real secret. Truth is, if you feel good, chances are you look good, too. The contents of my online shopping carts are looks that can walk a fancy red carpet and take a yoga class at the same time! Anyway ladies, I'm beyond excited to join Little Hoboken and share my passion for all things fashion! I'll be working on posts like where to find the comfiest yet most stylish shoes around, swimsuits that flatter all different types of Mom bods, what to pack for a weekend beach vacay with the hubs, or what to wear on a girls night out at Antique Bar & Bakery. And I want to hear from you, too! What types of fashion related posts would you like to read? Let me know and let's do this thing!