The Property Mom: Tips for Staging Your Home For Sale

Clients often ask if it is worth their time and money to stage their home before putting it on the market. My answer is always the same – YES! Staging helps to accentuate the best aspects of your home, and it is so important to help your home look its best when it matters most. Staging also helps potential buyers create an emotional connection to a property and imagine themselves living in the space. The level of staging a property needs, however, varies. If the home is in good condition, it may need only some minor organization and decorative touches to help it look its best. However, if the home is vacant or previously had tenants occupying it, it may benefit from professional staging from top to bottom. Whether you decide to tackle the tasks yourself or use professional stagers, here are some tips to make your home look its best before listing it for sale:

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  • Maximize natural light and views. Natural light and desirable views are major selling points for real estate, so make sure to showcase these if your home has them. Open all window curtains, blinds, sliding glass doors, skylights, etc. and let the sunshine in!

  • Fit furniture to scale and choose pieces selectively. To make your home feel as spacious as possible, it is extremely important not to over furnish it, and to make sure the furniture pieces you showcase are the appropriate size for the space. Crowding a property with too many, or too large, pieces of furniture can be very distracting to potential buyers and make the space feel much smaller than it may actually be.

  • Minimalism is a must. Another way to make your home seem larger is to de-clutter. Clean out your closets, your cabinets, your pantry, etc. Potential buyers who see these spaces filled to the brim with your belongings will assume your home lacks sufficient storage space. You should also minimize the amount of items you have on your countertops, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, so they look as spacious as possible.

  • Showcase your entryway. The entryway is a home’s greeting and grabs potential buyers immediately. Whether you have a formal foyer or not, try to dress the space up with a few fit to scale items such as a console table, storage bench or shelving to create a warm and inviting welcome.

  • Integrate pops of color and texture. A great way to wow potential buyers is to place pops of bright colors and varying textures throughout your home. Pick one or two on-trend colors or textures and utilize them throughout your home with throw pillows, blankets, rugs, bedding, etc. to create a theme and tie each room of your home together.

  • Mirrors, mirrors on the walls. Hanging mirrors can do wonders when staging a home. They can increase light in a room, act as artwork, or reflect a nice view. Strategically placed mirrors can also greatly help to visually expand a space, which is especially helpful for condo living.

  • Show multi-functionality of rooms. If you have a spare room that you are not sure how to stage, show potential buyers it can serve multiple purposes. Include furniture pieces like a desk and a daybed to show the room can function as a home office, den and guestroom for family and friends who visit.

  • Bring the outside in. Adding fresh cut flowers, greenery or shrubbery will bring life to your home. The vibrant colors make rooms feel bright and inviting, and your home will also smell great when potential buyers come through.

Photo Credit: Jay Rubinstein at 7th Sign Photography

Happy Staging!

Marissa Martini-Cyprys is a licensed real estate agent with the Maryanski Group at Keller Williams City Life Realty. As a resident and homeowner in Hoboken, she has extensive knowledge of the local residential real estate market. When she is not busy helping her clients, she enjoys spending time with her husband Jon and little boys Jacob and Cameron, and taking advantage of the wonderful community resources, activities and events Hoboken offers young families.

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