LH Spotlight: Super Maids

Who loves a clean house?

Who loves cleaning the house?

If you are anything like the LH team, you *used* to be the neatest person. You *used* to have everything put away, and you *used* to never leave a dirty dish in the sink.

And then the kids came.

Kids are messy, ooey, gooey, sticky, icky little things who just don't know how put things away. No? Just mine? Yeah, right.

There is more laundry, more dishes, more dust, and just so much more mess since these amazing little balls of love came into our lives. And sometimes, we've gotta call in the reinforcements.

Super Maids is a locally owned cleaning service that will make your life just a little bit easier. With all organic, plant-based cleaning products, ultra-sanitized supplies, and online scheduling, Super Maids is doing the hard work for you!

Super Maids works on a flat-rate fee, meaning that you pay the same amount no matter how long it takes the team to complete your home. Kid-friendly products, pet-friendly staff, and schedule-friendly booking (did we mention you can book online?!)

Super Maids is working hard to set the bar high, with all professionally trained & background checked staff, liability insurance to guarantee your home & belongings, and all cleaning products are provided. Their easy online booking (I know, I know- but it's a real bonus here!) makes it easy to get a last minute appointment or scheduling your standing weekly cleaning.

Want to know the best part about Super Maids?!

They are giving away one FREE 2.5 hour cleaning! Head to our Instagram to enter this giveaway!!

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