Just say N-O to B.O.

I don't talk about this publicly because, fun fact, even though I'm a blogger and tell you guys a lot of stuff, I'm actually a really private person in reality.

My mom is sick. Really sick. She's currently battling a very aggressive cancer and it's her third type in the last 12 years. This last time really caught us all off-guard and no one saw it coming or coming so fast and hard. I spent a lot of time with a lot of emotions, but the thing that kept coming back to me was how I could help her. Besides hanging out with her, being encouraging, bringing my son (her favorite person on the planet!) to visit a lot...what could I do? So, I turned to researching. Researching what causes cancer, what can help with cancer, symptoms from chemo, immunotherapy, radiation and other fun things she deals with on a daily basis. So many things came back to products and diet. She's a vegetarian and has gotten really strict with soy intake which was never something she listened to me about previously, but her products needed to go! I spent a ton of time curating a massive beauty haul of oils, creams, natural products, makeups, things for dry skin...everything...and I converted her to many of them. I also took the time to convert all my own stuff as well since cancer is clearly evident in my family. My one big issue has been finding a deodorant that works. My research told me that a terrifying percentage of breast cancer tumors showed traces of aluminum (from deodorant!) and I wasn't interested in giving myself anymore chances than I may already have genetically.

You may have seen me go on Instastories asking you all to PLEASE help me find a natural product deodorant that actually works during a hard workout or a hot summer day. I had one that worked great, but the baking powder in it tore up my armpits leaving me itchy, red, peeling, and looking like I had been in a fire.

Enter Piperwai.

They sent me a sample of their deodorant stick (they also have a jar) to try as they swore it worked. They swore it on Shark Tank too! (Are you guys obsessed with this show as much as I am??) I sniffed it and touched it. It felt great and smelled like a spa day...lavender, minty, tea tree goodness. Therefore, I wasn't convinced it would work.

The following day, I took it with me to spin class and applied it while warning two friends in class along with the stranger on either side of me that I was testing a natural deodorant for a blog and apologizing in advance. The one to my right promised to let me know if I stunk! I took a hard class. 50 minutes of profusely sweating with intervals of me openly sniffing my pits. NO STINK! NONE! The people who knew me in class actually came over and sniffed me! I did it again the next day and the next day and...nothing! So far, I'm sold, Piperwai! So much so, that I reached back out to them and requested a deal for all of you to save too! From now until July 31, you can get 20% off your non-subscription purchase on their site by using the code "LIKEAMOTHER"

Let us know if you love it too!!