National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Who doesn’t love a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie? It reminds us of comfort, our childhood, good memories with our kids, and, let's be honest, they are just delicious.

We heard it was National Chocolate Chip Cookie day and obviously are into any excuse to have to go eat one (or seven…)!

Here are our favorite local chocolate chip cookies for you to celebrate this holiday with.

Bang Cookies

Just a few blocks from the Hoboken Light Rail elevator is Bang Cookies. We love this place, but it’s crazy dangerous to walk in to (also, they deliver!) as you will not leave with just one. We are obsessed with the sea salt chocolate chip and the peanut butter chocolate chunk, but they also have a brand new caramel sea salt chocolate, a white chocolate macadamia nut, and a triple chocolate chunk that would be perfect for celebrating this special day. Looks like this calls for a five pack!

Hudson Cakery

We all know the amazing cakes that Hudson Cakery turns out, but have you tried their chocolate chip cookies? We have and we are ALL IN! These are so amazing! Seriously. You guys HAVE to get yourselves some of these! You have to pre-order these, but they are SO worth it! (If you also need a cake to add to that order, you get 15% off dessert style cakes with your Little Hoboken Hook-Up Card!)

Baking Mama

Every single time my son goes to the dentist, we follow the visit with a stop at “the little cookie store”. Mama gets a macaron or banana pudding and Kane NEVER strays from their chocolate chip cookies. Want to know why? They are like eating one of mom’s after school when you were a kid! This is a no-brainer. (PS- You get 10% off there EVERY DAY with your Little Hoboken Hook-Up Card!)

Milk Sugar Love

Have you been here yet? We may have picked our pediatrician because they are next door. (sort of true!) Everyone knows their artisanal ice cream is everything, but their cookies and ice cream sandwiches MADE from those cookies are incomparable. Run, don’t walk! (Plus running burns calories, so have a few!) And, they are opening a second location in the Heights!

Insomnia Cookies

We couldn’t do a list of cookies without including Insomnia Cookies. You’ve probably noticed we have them at almost every event we host. Coincidence? No. There are too many options to list, but classic chocolate chip is always a home run! (Also, they deliver and they are STILL warm when you get them!) You can indulge in several in the privacy of your own home, score!

Did we forget your favorite cookie spot? Send us a message at