LH Spotlight: CoCo Gallery

I am a home-decor hobbyist. I love interior design, style, and organization. I love to look through design magazines or Instagram accounts and even consider browsing through furniture stores to be therapeutic and rejuvenating. My home is my canvas and I change it up often. But, when it comes to art on the walls I am forever stuck. Do I put up pictures? I like them, but too much can be overwhelming (Yes, I know. I am obsessed with photography and saying this...)

I fall short on finding a piece that speaks to me and feels original. I love pieces from some of the well known design stores but don't love walking into a friend's house and seeing that they have the same one. Visiting local art galleries like Roig Gallery or Barksy Gallery is so inspiring and I usually fall hard for at least one piece of work, but sticker shock gets me almost every time.

CoCo Gallery, founded by Hoboken mom, Vani Krishnamurthy, is the answer to this art for the home problem.

Vani started CoCo Gallery as a way to enable artists to realize their commercial potential. By doing this, she brings the consumer (you!) directly to the artist to create a custom piece of art. "Having worked with fine artists [in both my personal life and my career], I soon began to realize that many wanted more commission opportunities, but they didn’t enjoy nor do they have time for marketing themselves or dealing with the logistics that are associated with it. On the flip side, as I did more research, I found that there was a whole middle market of people who would love the opportunity to order custom art, either for a special occasion or for interior design purposes, but didn’t know exactly where to start." Vani used this idea, and the inspiration from her own commissioned work by an artist in India, to launch CoCo Gallery, a matching service for consumers, interior designers, and the artist.

Whether it's for a special occasion, a new home, a design project, or for no special reason at all, the consumer can inspire a piece of original artwork that fits their vision, their space, and their budget. So, how does it work? By answering a few customized questions online, you will be matched with a CoCo consultant who will then match you with 3-5 artists that fit your style, budget, and timeline.

Sounds too easy to be true, right?! It's not- it's real and it's oh so good. And, we have FIVE $50 gift certificates to giveaway to help you get started with your own one-of-a-kind piece!

To Enter, head to Instagram and follow the rules posted! Contest ends 5/10 at 12:00 PM.

Portrait Painting by CoCo Artist: Stephen B.

Donut Painting by CoCo Artist: Terry R.

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