Mother's Day Giveaway: Pay Attention, Daddy!

Is your phone full of adorable pics of your kids? Pics with your kids and your partner, spouse, mom, neighbor, pet, and mail man?

Are you in ANY of the pics with your kids (selfies don't count!)?

How many times do you catch your husband and child in a beautiful moment...a nap, playing, reading, gazing at the boats on the waterfront and capture that perfect shot?

Now, how many times does your spouse capture those perfect moments of you and your kids?

In our homes...never!

So, Moms, SHARE THIS! This contest is for Dad!

We challenge him to PAY ATTENTION! Capture those moments and submit them to us!

We will narrow down our favorites and ALL OF YOU will be our judges to pick the winner!

The winner gets a special Paparazzi shoot day with Little Hoboken Photography.

What does this mean? It's your family spending a day together and having it all documented by a professional (Mom, you get to be in it too!!!)

To enter:

Send your pics to us at


Include in the email:

The photo

Name of photographer or person being photographed. (Whoever is going to check their email!)

Email address

Instagram Handle

Must submit all photos to qualify by no later than Monday, May 6.