Who Needs School When You Have Bubble Guppies?

A hot topic among parents is always screen time. It's a hot topic in my home and with my friends and I too. The reality is, my son definitely watches more TV than he probably should and more than I EVER thought I'd let him. I do have a pretty solid rule that it's predominantly educational. Although, PJ Masks definitely creeps in there even though their taunting and whiny voices are pretty much banned around here these days.

He is OBSESSED with Bubble Guppies. I mean, obsessed. Do my husband and I find ourselves singing, "Outside, Outside, Outside Everybody, Outside!" from time to time? Do we sing "I want to eat at a...res-taur-ant" when we're on our way to dinner? Yup! But, for the most part it doesn't bother us and I find him watching something fairly educational.

Recently, we started learning just HOW educational those little baby mermaids actually are.

1. At dinner, my son proclaimed, "Dinosaurs with flat teeth eat plants and dinosaurs with pointy teeth eat meat." My husband and I asked if they learned that at school and he looked at us like a pair of idiots and said, "No, Bubble Guppies!"

2. Kane is obsessed with animals. A couple of mornings ago, he and I were lying in my bed before it was time to get ready for school and work and discussing animals and their habitats. He was quizzing me. "Mama, what lives in the jungle? What lives in the desert? What sleeps in a nest?" I said "birds" to the last one. Apparently I was wrong and the correct answer was "gorillas". I laughed thinking he was silly, but he insisted. For SOME reason, I actually entertained this ridiculousness and Googled it. HE WAS RIGHT! Again, I asked if school was responsible for this and he proclaimed that it was Bubble Guppies!

3. Last night, we were reading Island Born from the LH Book Club and at the end, I showed him the picture inside the book jacket and said, "This man wrote the book and is going to read the story to kids at a bookstore next week. Do you want to go?" His response was, "That's called the author, mommy." You guessed it...freaking Bubble Guppies did it again!

I honestly can go on and on about the things he has learned from this weird little show, but you all get the point. 

So, I will continue answering "It's time for lunch!" when someone asks me what time it is, but at least I know where gorillas sleep!!

PSA: If your kid loves Bubble Guppies too, Bubble Guppies Live is SO worth it! It was quite possibly his favorite day on this planet so far!