Little Jersey City: Drowning

In February, MW (Melissa Wise) and I attended Eighty Mag’s Eighty Live at Andco in the heart of Downtown JC. It was all about Woman Power in 2018. The panel included host and Eighty Magazine Founder, Marinell Montales, along with Ali Maffucci of Inspiralized, Jacey Lambros and Dani DeAngelo of JaneDO and Ally Love of Love Squad. This gathering of women was truly something special. The discussions focused on building businesses, maintaining them, and goals. It was awesome and most importantly, REAL. It was impossible not to find inspiration. The panel of bosses were relatable, which was really comforting and, honestly, it was super cool. The vibe of the room was powerful, especially when it came to the end.

Photo Credit: Eighty Mag

Before the discussion started, we were asked to write down our fear on a little piece of paper and throw it into a bowl. Immediately, I wrote ‘drowning’ and tossed it in the bowl. I do not know what MW wrote. I do fear drowning; just the thought of being on a boat and not able to see land has me on the verge of an anxiety attack. As the panel discussion came to an end, Marinell broke out the bowl and asked Ali, Jacey, Dani, and Ally to pick a few papers out and read them aloud. A lot of them read ‘death,’ ‘sharks’, ‘ending up alone’, and other depressing stuff (LOL?). I think what Marinell was going for, was our business driven fears and what happened instead was that we were all truly authentic in sharing our legitimate fears.

I went home that night and kept thinking about what I wrote, what MW may have written down, and what all the other women were saying. I felt like, “yeah, it is very likely I will never go on a cruise in my life because of this fear, but is there something more to this ‘drowning’ thing?”

I think I figured it out.

I am a mom, a wife, a business owner, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, and then some. Holy Sh*t! Laundry, paperwork, dinner, customer service, girls’ night, supermarket, deadlines, date night. I know all of your lists go on too. Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep my head above the water. Sometimes I feel like I am DROWNING.

Yep, there it is! Good ol ‘drowning.

Women today, we have so many responsibilities, personal and social. We are expected to live up to ALL of it, EVERY DAY. I am not complaining. I am proud of the strong, grown woman I am and those I surround myself with. But, we all have our days. We come from all different walks of life and look how far we have made it; attending an all-female panel discussions on running our lives and businesses! Woman Power in 2018, we got this! We want you to view Little Jersey City and Little Hoboken just as we do, a powerful little gang where we all encourage, support and respect one another.

Krista is a mom of one adorable little boy & is a born and raised Hudson County girl. She has a passion for Jersey City and for baking. Her delicious breads, Grandma Downtown, are sold in stores and markets throughout JC. Krista shares her love of JC, her favorite spots and stories of raising a family in Hoboken's sister city. Make sure you are following her on @littlejerseycity on Instagram!