25 Things About Anna

Get to know our Single Mom, Anna Davies, a little bit better!

1. I used to work at Cosmo magazine and had a pair of leather shorts I would wear over tights on big meeting days.

2. It's just my daughter and I. She was a surprise from a trip backpacking around the world. I got pregnant about seven months into my itinerary.

3. I have written 13 young adult novels, including 5 Gossip Girl books and 5 Vampire Diaries books.

4. My daughter and I have spent the past two Januarys in Costa Rica. I would love her to learn to surf, soon!

5. I took the subway to the hospital while in labor by myself and stopped to get a bagel and a coffee beforehand.

6. I came back to the United States when I was 14 weeks pregnant. I had no apartment, no job, and all my stuff in storage. It was stressfuL AF, but I got everything sorted in about 10 days.

7. I love traveling with my daughter, Lucy. I think traveling with a kid is pretty easy, and happy to share the hacks and tricks I've learned along the way.

8. I was a volunteer camp counselor at an oncology camp in the Pacific Northwest for five years — I took a week off work to do so each summer and it was awesome.

9. I am hoping to send my daughter to Camp Nor'Wester in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State when she's 9. I worked there for a summer in college and loved it.

10. I went to Barnard College and majored in English and creative writing. Greta Gerwig was a classmate. We are not friends.

11. I love Panera.

12. One of my favorite places is the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland. I've been four or five times.

13. I Tindered my way across Eastern Europe when I was 30 and had the best fling from there in Croatia.

14. I snuck across the Bosnian border because I had forgotten my passport by hiding underneath the bench of a van. I don't recommend that.

15. I grew up in NJ and have grown to love my home state.

16. I drink hot coffee with a straw. I know that's not good because of BPA issues.

17. I make really good chocolate chip cookies.

18. I have like 20 different Michael Stars black t-shirts.

19. I am a serial procrastinator.

20. I have a love-hate relationship with the work from home life.

21. I hate playgrounds on Sundays at 4pm ("Sad Park O'Clock").

22. I read a book a day — I'm a super fast reader.

23. I love building houses out of Magnatiles with Lucy.

24. I am obsessed with my mom friends.

25. Lucy and I are Laurie Berkner groupies — we go to like, all her concerts and buy front row tickets.