Doody Free Girl: Are You Satisfied Down There?

Colonics are a rather curious subject lately, where everyone seems to have a strong opinion one way or the other. What many believers and nonbelievers fail to realize, is that colonics have been around since the beginning of time. Colon irrigation is noted in the Gospel of the Essenes, a common practice in Eastern Ayurvedic medicine, intuitively self-administered by many animals like the Stork and Ibis birds, and even utilized in hospitals BBP (Before Big Pharma). So, it behooves us to respect ancient wisdom’s regard for colon cleanliness as godliness because both health and death begin in the colon. Unlike traditional allopathic medicine, where organs are addressed individually and generally just when there is an acute imbalance, holistic practitioners address each organ as it contributes to the body’s entire network and emphasis is placed on maintaining bodily function through proper lifestyle (i.e. cleansing, stress management, fasting, diet, exercise, spirit nurture, natural herbs, and supplements).

The colon is designed to dehydrate all of the waste the body produces and eliminate it in a timely manner so that all of the body’s systems can run more efficiently. This is not limited to the food you eat. Every bodily process generates waste and mucus that must be cycled out of the body. This includes metabolic waste, pancreatic waste, and hormonal waste. Daily exposure to processed foods, a corrupt food system, drugs, alcohol, medications, environmental toxins, xenoestrogens, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, and daily stresses leaves everyone at risk of some bodily imbalance/dysfunction. I find it disappointing when doctors and health practitioners deny the importance of detoxing when addressing bodily dysfunction.

It has been my experience in almost 10 years of practice as a colon hydrotherapist that many imbalances in the body (including, but not limited to: infertility, migraines, depression, anxiety, psoriasis, eczema, hives, inexplicable weight gain/loss) result from some level of toxicity in the body. Exclusively improving diet with no regard for detox (the physical elimination of toxins) can leave the body in more distress because many times, this only increases the load on the body, further taxing assimilation and digestion. This inevitably results in dysbiosis (an imbalance of bacteria), which can manifest itself as chronic bloating, fatigue, and sometimes back/chest pains to name just a few symptoms.

I strongly believe colon irrigation as part of one’s lifestyle is today’s gateway to fewer drugs and less (if any) medical intervention. It is important to distinguish between gravity colonics and the pressurized mechanical colonic. Gravity colonics (also known as high colonics or high enemas) are the most natural, gentle and effective method of colon irrigation available. Using only the natural force of gravity, water is drawn into the body while waste is simultaneously drawn out of the body, similar to a douche. The mechanical pressurized method uses a machine to force water into the body at a fixed pressure until the bowels feel distended and then it sucks the water out like a vacuum. I do not recommend using the machine because it is a cookie-cutter colonic versus the gravity method colonic, which is a manual method that allows the therapist to work with the body’s rhythm. Additionally, gravity colonics actually help to strengthen the bowel’s peristalsis, the muscle contractions that push waste out of the body! Keeping your septic tank running efficiently and preventing back up is the ultimate key to vibrant physical and emotional health.


Jen is the owner of The Doody Free Girl, a colonic clinic in Jersey City.

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