Mom Boss of the Month: Emily Santamore

If you love athleisure like we think you do, you will LOVE to know that a mom right here in Hoboken created a GREAT line for all of us. And we mean ALL of us. She has maternity and plus-size as additional lines too! Learn more about March's Mom Boss of the Month, Emily Santamore of RUNE NYC!

With so many athleisure options out there- what did you feel was missing & what made you create your own line?

I launched my company in January of 2013 out of my own need to find leggings that stayed up and held me in. While I was pregnant with my son, I could not believe that I could not find maternity leggings that stayed up and kept me supported. After he was born, I could not find the quality leggings I desired for my post-baby body and remembering my struggle when I was pregnant, the collection was born! My company was created out of my own needs. I thought, "I can make a better product!" So, I did! :)

Starting your own business is a huge undertaking and is something that the whole family has to be on board with. What is your advice to the woman who is about to sit her significant other down and say, "Honey, I have an idea…”?

I completely agree, starting a business is a massive undertaking and affects all the lives in your household. My advice would be to present the idea when you have a sound business plan and to have an open conversation about the financial status of the household. Discuss if this is the right time to take a financial risk/loss and what length of time your partner is willing to give you to become profitable. If it's 5 years and no profit -- it's really a hobby. Setting the realistic expectations up front will help everyone in the family.

Your motto is “Barre to Bar”, so tell us where do you barre and what’s your favorite date night bar in Hoboken?

Our Motto is "Barre to well as morning, noon and night." Leggings that work for you all day, everyday. Ironically, I do not barre, but most of our customers do! I would suggest Local Barre here in Hoboken. I do CKO and I love it! Date night bar is hands down Grand Vin!

Body image is always a hot topic and being in the women’s fashion world, we are sure you hear about it all the time. What is an important lesson you’ve learned about dressing a woman?

I’ve learned that women just want to be comfortable and if they can look great while doing it, even better! I also learned that over 68% of women in the US are plus size, yet the market caters to the 32% that are not. So, we try to create products that are for every BODY. I take into consideration the functionality and comfort level of real women and try to infuse that into my products. I started with catering to the 32%, but now offer maternity and plus size.

What is your favorite thing about raising a family in Hoboken?

I love that the town is a small close-knit community and that you can walk everywhere. I think the town offers a ton of resources and events for families as well.

What do you hope your son is taking away from his mom being a "girl boss”?

I hope he is proud of me and thinks that you can do anything if you put your mind and energy to it.

How does motherhood inspire you in business?

Motherhood was the reason I started the company. Not being able to find the product I needed is what made me redesign and manufacture the product I was seeking. I also think because I am a mother, I am excellent at multi-tasking which is essential when starting any company. Being a mother motivates me to succeed, so I can provide a great life for my son.

What is your funniest mom-fail moment?

I did not remember, nor did I have the time, to buy a blank white tee for "tie dye day" at school. The night before, I bleached an old t-shirt all night, then put it in the dryer in the morning before school. The t-shirt did not dry on time, but I was desperate. So, I sent him in with a wet, almost white, bleach-smelling tee. Let's just say when he returned from school, he did not have that tee on. It was inside a soggy Ziploc bag and someone must have had an extra tee for him. I am sure his teachers thought I was terrible mom…

What is the best business advice anyone ever gave you? How about the worst?

I think the best advice was giving to me by my mentor. She said once you fill seats with the right capable bodies you will see your business grow. It's so true! When you have the right people in your corner and are finally able to hire qualified people, the business does grow. We can’t do it all ourselves, so it's important to identify your strengths and your weaknesses and then onboard people that can do what you can’t.

The worst advice would have to be all that chatter you get about taking bigger risks as if starting a company isn’t one already. Don’t overreach and take on too many high-cost risks, just grow slowly and don’t get too ahead of yourself. It's always good to try new ideas and see what sticks -- just be mindful of the risks. For instance, investing in things that will help your business grow makes sense. Do you need that $30k software in year one? Probably not. However, by year three or four, maybe it's time to invest in that infrastructure. It's about finding that right balance and taking calculated risks.

A day in the life of Emily. Go!

Wake up.

Get ready.

Get my son ready for school.

Drop him to school and head straight to my office in the garment district.

I try to do a full 8-9 hours in the office every day-working real hours is what keeps everything running.

Leave the office to pick up my son by 6:00 PM.

Groceries and dinner.

Prep him for the next day.

Bedtime routine.

A few hours of me time.

Sleep and repeat.

If I can squeeze in CKO 1-2 x a week, I feel accomplished!

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