The Not-So-Pinterest Moms: Valentine's Day Edition

Cassie and I have made no secret of the fact that we are not domestic goddesses. I will say this, Cassie's house is in EXCELLENT order....mine? Not so much. Both of us USED to cook. Now? Not so much...

As an event planner and designer, my life has always been about crafts to some degree, but it's simply not something I have time or patience for anymore and honestly, crafting in my house now consists of a little paint set that cost $1 in the Target Dollar Spot.

We decided it would be a fun monthly feature to each take on a Pinterest project and see how it went. If it is a Pinterest-fail, well, we expected that. If it's a success, well, then it's a REAL success!

First up, I took on a home decor item for Valentine's Day. I may not be the domestic goddess I once dreamed I'd be, but I do LOVE me a good holiday decor decorating sesh in my house! (Usually, I just buy all the stuff though!)

This required me purchasing the following items:

1. Wood hearts (as many as the members in your family)

2. Paint and Brushes

3. Ribbon

4. Hot Glue

5. Stencils or letter stickers

It came from here.

So, at first I thought mine came out OK, until my husband said, "Wait, you used stencils?"

I don't know that we'll be hanging this every year, but Kane really liked it!


Cassie here! I decided to stick with something reallllyyy easy so that I could WOW you with my success! I chose a love-day snack, with fruit shaped hearts. Easy enough right??

My List of Materials:

1. Watermelon

2. Cantaloupe 3. Honeydew (Except you should put this in your car, and not leave it in the shopping cart like I did. Ugh!)

4. Heart shaped cookie cutter

5. Skewers (I have had these for 10 years and 4 apartments and never used them. I am so glad they finally came in handy!)


you tell us.

Email us with suggestions for next month's Pinterest projects for us to take on!