The Holistic Mom: Simple and Sweet Yogurt Bites

Looking for a quick, healthy Valentine treat for your little one (or yourself) ?

This is appropriate for most ages, and takes zero culinary expertise. All you need is a heart shaped ice tray like this.

“Recipe” is:

❤️ Yogurt of choice

(although thicker styles work better – I used goat yogurt from Trader Joe’s)

❤️ Strawberries (I used frozen organic, also from Trader Joe’s)

❤️ 1-2 tsp of honey to taste, optional (not recommended for children under 1)

Mix together and add to ice trays

Freeze 2-3 hours until solid

Thaw out for a minute or two, and then serve!


Jessica is an RN, BSN and holistic health coach certified. She lives in Hoboken with her husband and one year old daughter, Emma. She enjoys yoga, reading, shopping and eating on Washington Street. She is Little Hoboken's Holistic Mom, sharing all things healthy, happy and yummy.

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