25 Things About Maite

1. I am the third of nine siblings.

2. My husband is the fourth of seven.

3. I don't have a right toe nail due to a staphylococcus infection at age 3.

4. I love walking under the rain and getting wet.

5. I rarely use a coat in above freezing weather.

6. I love the flavor of cooked peppers but despise their texture. Always cook with them, but never eat them.

7. My name comes from the Basque word "one who is loved".

8. I once followed a cyclist from San Diego to Annapolis studying the effects of sleep depravation and extreme sports on memory.

9. I still have my childhood stuffed animal with me.

10. The first time I slept after 8:00 AM, I was 15. My kids are also early risers (karma is a $@#!!).

11. My husband and I only know how to tango dance together. Every time we dance, we adjust tango movements to the rhythm.

12. I am lego blind. My visuospatial ability is so bad that I am unable to follow 9 year old lego instructions.

13. I hate coffee, but need caffeine. So I drink espresso shots as if they were bad tequila.

14. I am a firm believer that food tastes better when it is cooked for you, rather than cooking it yourself.

15. Ironically, I love cooking. (For others that is)

16. I have read "The Little Prince" infinite times. Read it for the first time at age 6 and have found some new meaning in it with every read.

17. I love lentils.

18. I never owned a doll. I find them creepy.

19. I am allergic to almost every animal fur, but love to hang out with animals.

20. For my life, I can't snap my fingers.

21. We have family themed halloween costumes every year.

22. I leave a lipstick kiss on my kids' bathroom mirror each time I travel.

23. As a kid, my grandmother called me "the worst" because Dennis the Menace was mannerly compared to me.

24. I know every word of the musical "Les Miserables".

25. I have traveled overseas, three times, alone with 3 kids under 5 -- and survived.