Mom Boss of the Month: Lynn Hazan

This month, we featured a really cool, in-the-know force of Jersey City. Many people know the name and resource, Chicpea JC. if you want to know ANYTHING about where to go, what to do, who to know, cool events, and so much Jersey City, this is the only resource we would recommend! When Lynn Hazan's not killing it at being a boss, she's raising a little girl too! This made her a no-brainer for our Mom Boss of the Month!

We had the chance to meet her and Mia and ask some questions and get a super cute photo shoot with them...and their pup, Harvey!

When did you realize Chicpea JC was a big deal?

I actually still don’t think that, to be honest!! It still catches me off-guard when people recognize me in the street. When I started the blog, I never really thought anything of it. It was more like a hobby, then I fell in love with it and realized it's what I was meant to do. Every day is a blessing, and I am enjoying the ride!

We all know the work/life balance is hard and some days we’ve got it together and other days we don’t. What is your best advice to other mom bosses?

Don’t strive for perfection. I do my best, but I know I can’t do EVERYTHING. Also, don't beat yourself up when things aren't necessarily going smoothly. I think that moms can be really hard on themselves, but I honestly think our children don’t notice the small stuff as long as we are there for them and love them. Outsource as much as you can! If you can afford a little extra help around the house, do it!

Chicpea is so many things: events, blog, advertising, and even political sometimes. So, when someone asks your daughter what her mommy does, what does she say?

She says I work! Mommy works. She is right too. I try to involve her in everything that I do. I take her to events and she comes to my office. If you ask her what mommy does,she will say, "She is Chicpeajc. She writes and talks to people."

You’ve chronicled your fitness journey a lot on your social media. Moms often get stuck in a fitness rut post-kids. What do you say to the mom looking in the mirror saying, “I need to do something”?

Just do it! I make working out a priority. It’s essentially the only thing I really don't compromise no matter how tired and busy I am. I think moms tend to put everyone else’s needs before their own, and forget to take care of themselves. Working out and taking care of YOU makes you a happy mom and that benefits the whole family. I wake up at 5:30 AM three times a week and drag myself to work out because I made that a priority.

What is your funniest mom-fail moment?

I have many! Ha Ha! Too many to even recount. The one that sticks out the most in my memory is when Mia was a baby and I was holding her in my arms one day walking home. I ran into a friend and we started talking. Mia was pulling at my shirt and then suddenly my friend looks down and said, “Lynn, your nipple is out”. We were right on the corner of Grove Street on a busy day! So, you’re welcome Jersey City. The best part was I just shrugged it off and said, “We all have nipples, I don't care”.

Does being a mom affect how you run your business, select businesses to cover, or day to day business decisions that you make? If so, how?

It does affect it in some ways, because I have to have a set routine. I try to be home at a certain time to be with my daughter, so I can’t really work all day even though I need to sometimes. I can’t go to all events during the week, even though I would like to go to some of them. I really have to be picky with what I do with my time. In terms of businesses to cover, I don't think being a mom affects those decisions. I’ve covered topics that are a little “risqué” like the legalization of marijuana and I even did a short video opening a box from a local sex toy company. I am a mom, but it doesn't define who I am and what I write about. When my daughter grows up I want her to be herself and be comfortable expressing herself like I am.

You are clearly super busy with maintaining the site, attending events, and home life. When you get a minute to escape the crazy, where are your favorite local spots?

This is so hard because it always changes! I love so many places. I’ve been going to South House a lot lately to have a drink and eat their kale salad. The bartenders are all super friendly and take good care of me.

What is your favorite thing about raising a child in Jersey City?

The community! It’s a like a big family (dysfunctional at times). Jersey City is a great place to raise a child and there are so many things for kids to do.

What is the best business advice anyone ever gave you? How about the worst?

Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and their best advice they gave me was to just DO IT. I think the hardest thing for people is to start doing and they taught me to be fearless and go after what I want. I don’t really listen to bad advice, so I cant recall getting any!

A day in the life of Lynn…go!

I wake up at around 5:15 AM. I have coffee and catch up on emails and social media.

I work out at 6:00 AM.

At 7:00 AM, I get Mia ready for school, make lunch, get myself ready for work, take her to school. Go to work.

This is where every day is extremely different! Some days I am doing interviews for the blog. Other days we have client shoots (I also run a social media marketing business). I have meetings, go to events or ribbon cuttings, and write. Meet with my team and plan events. I try to finish work by 5:00 PM to be with my daughter. We hang out, she goes to bed, and then, I either go to bed too or go back on my computer to work!

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