25 Things about Megan

1. I love the Baltimore Ravens football and planned my wedding for their bi-week so my family wouldn’t miss the game

2. I have moved 21 times (that I know of) in my 30 years of life

3. I named my son after Superman & Lex Luthor (Clark Alexander)

4. I named my daughter after Sleeping Beauty & my mother-in-law (Aurora Grace)

5. I dated my husband for 1 year, 1 month and 1 day on the day we got married

6. Hot wings are one of my absolute favorite foods and if I order a dozen I am almost guaranteed to drop one on the floor because I am the most clumsy and messiest eater I know

7. I have seen over a hundred bands live in concert

8. I quit smoking and cursing at the same time after 12 years of both

9. My great grandmother dated Desi Arnaz

10. I have 1 sister (she’s awesome)

11. I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with my husband as our unity ceremony at our wedding.

12. I took a romantic trip to the hospital on my first anniversary to give birth to my daughter

13. I binge watched the first 7 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy when Rory was a newborn and she will now run into the room from across the apartment if she hears the theme song.

14. I have fallen while running with a pen and literally stabbed myself in the eye. Luckily it went under my eyeball and I only needed 7 stitches

15. I’m allergic to chocolate. Only the real stuff though. I can eat pounds of white chocolate!

16. I have seen every episode of The Office at least 10 times

17. I read all 5 books in the Twilight series in 7 days.

18. I hate feet

19. I bake hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of cookies during the holiday

20. I love playing board and card games especially Settlers of Catan and Dutch Blitz

21. I love to travel and have been to 12 US states, Ireland, Italy, & Belize so far.

22. My favorite beer is Guinness

23. I got married at 24, had my first child at 25, and my second at 27

24. I’m legally blind in my right eye

25. I love to bargain shop. I once had enough coupons to have Kohl’s pay me $8 to leave the store with $39 worth of merchandise.