Imagine a single father raising his children and he just can’t make ends meet. Currently, our area has no way to keep them together. A mother raising an adult son with disabilities would be separated because on paper, they are single adults. Family Promise of Hudson County will be able to keep these families together and can work with them to find a sustainable way back on their feet.

My name is Tiffany Kane and I am the Executive Director of Family Promise of Hudson County. I am pleased to introduce you to this much-needed program. Aside from emergency sheltering, we also provide other valuable services. Families can count on a case manager to provide counseling and to help them create a viable plan to break the homelessness cycle. Children are able to rely on a stable and safe environment while receiving everything from homework help to school supplies to medical screenings and more. The emphasis is on the child as Family Promise of Hudson County strives to put the family first.

In addition to leading this program, I am also a proud Jersey City Public School teacher. My school family has rallied behind this program and we have held drives to collect toiletries as well as a family Zumba night that benefited Family Promise of Hudson County. I am beyond thrilled to say that parents and their children, fellow teachers, and even supervisors are coming together to volunteer to change the lives of the homeless families in our area. How amazing to see these two communities become one larger one for such a cause. We are able to provide children who are at a disadvantage with homework help, school supplies, and a sense of belonging to this wonderful community.

Family Promise is a national program that is run on a county-by-county basis. We are proud to open the doors to the Hudson County affiliate in February! This program’s unique model allows families to become part of the larger community. During the day, families have access to our day center where they can shower and get ready for the day. They then can go off to work or school, or they can stay and work with our case manager and staff. Families are given counseling and case management that is tailored to their exact needs. They are connected to the many local resources that they may need but not know about. This is where families can create a plan to get out of homelessness for good. In the evening hours, families are transported to various places of worship that come together to serve dinner and provide a safe place to sleep for the night. Families are invited into these places of worship and are made to feel at home in their space.

At Family Promise of Hudson County, we are dedicated to ending homelessness one family at a time. We simply can’t do it alone. As we all know, it takes a village. We encourage you to get involved. Join our mailing list, make a donation, volunteer! Family Promise of Hudson County needs you!