25 Things About Amanda

Here are 25 Things we bet you didn't know about Amanda, our Total Beauty Mom!

1. I have 19 month old twin boys. They will always be the biggest surprise of my life and my greatest accomplishment.

2. Proud University of Central Florida Alum. Our football team was just named National Champions of the 2017 NCAA football season. Go Knights!

3. I am fluent in Sign Language thanks to my late deaf cousin Carissa.

4. I am very shy and reserved when I meet new people but once I’m comfortable around you, I’m out mah mind.

5. I love Astrology, the Moon, & Space. I get weirdly excited about meteor showers, seeing shooting stars, when a Super Moon rises, or when a rare Eclipse is set to occur.

6. Proud Virgo

7. I will go out of my way to catch a sunrise or sunset and I get super excited when it’s a really pretty, colorful one. Nature is freaking amazing!

8. Met my husband the day I moved to NYC. When I was driving up from Florida for my big move to the Big Apple in 2006, I had a premonition I was going to meet my husband in NYC and that he was going to work in Finance. The day I moved to NYC, I met my husband and he works in Finance.

9. I’m a professional makeup artist (so if you’re looking for a makeup artist for an event or wedding, give me a shout!).

10. I am the Secretary at Wish upon a Wedding – a nonprofit that I’m very proud to be a board member of. We grant weddings and vow renewals to couples facing serious illness or a life-threatening circumstance.

11. I worked in Digital Advertising for 10+ years before becoming a SAHM to my twin boys.

12. I’m afraid of heights and ironically my very first NYC apartment was on the 34th floor. I had THE most amazing view that overlooked downtown Manhattan but I rarely went near my window.

13. I HATE frogs and grasshoppers – basically anything that can jump unpredictably. I’ve had near death experiences with both. (I’m being a little dramatic, definitely not near death but close in my mind)

14. I will always find time for fitness. I swear it keeps me sane.

15. Worry Wart – I worry about everything. I guess that’s the Virgo in me.

16. I have little to no patience when it comes to most things in life -- except for my kids.

17. Always on time.

18. Loves documentaries.

19. I swear I was supposed to be born at a different time. I’m obsessed with the 60’s and wish I could go back in time to see the transition from the 50’s (everything in black and white) to the psychedelic, mind-altering time of the 60’s where everything was chaotic, bright and colorful. If you haven’t read Tom Wolfe’s book, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, I highly recommend it.

20. The ocean calms my soul (Florida girl for life).

21. Awkward silences make me awkward.

22. I don't think there’s anything better in the world than the feeling of clean sheets.

23. I dream of Italy, mountains of pasta, really good Italian bread, red wine, and truffle errythang.

24. I’m always hungry and I have a really big appetite. I swear I can put down more food than my 6’6, very muscular, 260 lb. husband.

25. Huge music lover (particularly gangsta rap).