LH Spotlight: Core Dynamics Physical Therapy

Do you pee when you sneeze? What about during jumping jacks?

Does it hurt during intercourse?

Do you have to pee really often?

How about that oh so wonderful pooch that just won't go away?


Pelvic physical therapy (PT) is a specialized treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) which refers to conditions that involve the pelvic floor muscles- you know, the ones that go through some major changes during and after pregnancy.

Niva Herzig, mom of 2, PT, and owner of Core Dynamics Physical Therapy is bringing her specialty to Hoboken. Niva has had a passion for women's health from a young age, and once she learned of this specialty in PT school, she jumped at the opportunity to learn more. She has owned a successful clinic in Englewood for 10 years and has now partnered with the Women's Health Institute at HUMC/Carepoint.

As Niva explains it, "I believe that everyone needs some pelvic PT (even some men!). Our bodies are constantly changing through different stages of life. We go to our general practitioner and get physicals. People should be allowed to see a PT for a "physical," especially during pregnancy and postpartum. Think about the changes: center of mass is altered, posture changes, strain and stretch on muscles, ligaments and joints, visceral (organ) changes. The pelvic floor muscles are working a lot. They also go through wear and tear (and not only during pregnancy)...I describe myself as a PT who specializes in OB-GYN, urology, GI, colorectal and orthopedics."

There are a lot of common myths about your "post baby bod". Its not normal to leak with sneezing, jumping, or coughing. You don't have to have painful intercourse after childbirth. Your stomach CAN be flat again. Kegels are not the only exercise that can help with your "lady muscles". Physical therapy can help- whether you've had a vaginal or c-section delivery!

To learn more about Niva, her fellow PT Rebecca & Core Dynamics Physical Therapy, visit the site!

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