Mom Boss of the Month: Jen DeMarco

We've been discussing this monthly highlight since we started and decided that 2018 was the year we execute our looooong list of great ideas!

It seemed like a no-brainer to have Jen DeMarco be our inaugural Mom Boss of the Month. If you don't know her name, you should. She is the brains and beauty behind Local Barre and brought CycleBar to Hoboken last year too. Aside from running three popular gyms, she's a wife a mom to three adorable little ones! We had the chance to meet with her to discuss how she juggles it all!

You have multiple studios and three little ones. Tell us what we are all you drink a lot of coffee? (If this is a yes, where are your favorite local spots for your caffeine fix?)

Yes! I just got a new coffee maker for Christmas from my mom! It grinds the beans fresh in the click of a button—game changer! I like my coffee right away before I do all the things, so it has to happen at home. Also, it’s only fair to mention that I am an unsophisticated coffee drinker so I’m really only in it for the creamer—Trader Joe’s nondairy vanilla or hazelnut. It’s a serious addiction. We started serving fresh coffee at Local Barre West so I often grab a follow-up cup there before or after my morning workout. On “rest” days, I love to be home, and I LOVE to host, so I am more likely to invite friends back to my house for another cup after we drop the kids off at school.

We all know the work/life balance is hard and some days we’ve got it together and other days we don’t. What is your best advice to other mom bosses?

It’s impossible for us to have it all together all of the time! I have realized {in my advanced maternal age} that nobody has been called to be an island onto oneself. It is always humbling when people like Little Hoboken reach out to hear from me because I ONLY shine as a result of the company that I keep! I am so lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing people in this community! I have been gifted with THE BEST staff at both Local Barre and CycleBar, starting with my incredible business partner—my hubby! We are all so grateful for our clients—they are our neighbors, our friends, our WHY, and we are continually inspired by their stories! I have the most generous friends, and I’ve learned to be gracious about accepting help when they offer it—and asking for it when they don’t know to! In order to be a great leader, you must learn to be an effective delegator, and, in order to serve people well, you must submit to working alongside others.

What is your funniest mom-fail moment?

I lit my hair on fire. Seriously! It was in my own kitchen! I was warming up a sandwich—for myself! {I was pregnant!} It was on the Panini press on the front burner, and I had a pot of chicken noodle soup cooling on the back burner. I reached for the back burner and smelled fire. I’ll share the rest of the story next time you see me, but it ended with my “Stop, Drop, and Roll” on the kitchen floor. Luckily, one of my boys was busy with a puzzle and the other was on the potty mid-poop.

What do you want your kids to know about work ethic & career path?

I want my children to know that it is hard work to make it a habit to know, love, and serve the people that God has placed in my life. It is what I believe in my heart that we are all called to do, and while that can feel like an overwhelming responsibility for me, it is my greatest honor! It looks different for all of us—and that is okay! I’ve learned that comparing myself to others leaves me feeling discontented, frustrated, and discouraged. I truly follow my heart, and I’ve made more than my share of mistakes! But, I’ve definitely learned from them and celebrated the graces that allow me to move on stronger.

Were you always so fit? What came first- the studio or your booty?

No, I have NOT always been into fitness! I always had a gym membership, but I would just put my time in begrudgingly on a treadmill. My husband teases me for once saying, “I workout, but I will never LOVE it.” {ha!} I started with a personal trainer in anticipation of an engagement ring. It was such hard work at first but I quickly saw changes in my body, and I felt so strong! I tried a barre class in NYC and I knew it was love at first sight when I didn’t check the time once during the 55 minute class! I wasn’t just losing inches, my entire body shape changed in ways that I didn’t believe was possible! I found myself building my schedule around my classes—but I was tried of rushing for the late ferry back to Hoboken and I missed my classes on the weekends. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a barre class in Hoboken, so my husband and I had some serious conversations and decided to make it happen!

You and your husband are clearly super busy with work and home life. When you get a minute to escape the crazy, where are your favorite local date night spots?

Antique Bakery! Of course, there is the most remarkable food, drink, and ambiance in town! We love the owner (his wife is a Local Barre devotee!) and we are always cheering for other local business owners! It doesn’t hurt that it’s on our block! Hmm, do you think the wireless baby monitor would reach?

What is your favorite thing about raising a family in Hoboken?

The community! We will always pass someone we know on the walk to school, on our errands, or at Panera. When we enter our apartment building, my kids always stop to say hello to the guys at TRIM. If I miss a delivery, our friends at A3 Cleaners joyfully accept our packages. We trade date nights with friends on the second floor—she comes up after my kids are in bed and reads a book on our couch so we don’t pay a sitter, and I return the favor another week.

What is the best business advice anyone ever gave you?

Know your WHY! And base EVERY business decision on that why!

How about the worst?

Don’t spend on marketing. DO spend on marketing and start by talking with Alex at Little Social.

It takes a village for any mom. Especially for a mom starting her own business. Who are your go-to people/services? (i.e. I can't imagine my life without Amazon Prime!)

#1 shout out to Hoboken Grace! I am reminded each week that "no matter what you've done, no matter where you've been, we believe there is a God woh is actively pursuing you." AND, the least of the reasons, but important to note, they occupy ALL of my kids for an entire hour -- for free!

I hit Little City Books before every birthday party! Joe and I ate Tony Baloneys every night for 21 consecutive days during CycleBar's grand opening—good thing we were riding three times a day! Also, I live on Shaka Bowl in the Monroe Center.

A day in the life of Jen…go!

7:30am Wake up with three year old in my bed.

7:45am Coffee!

8:00am School morning scramble {lunches are in the refrigerator; Mom, you forgot my snack again!; Go upstairs and brush your teeth!; Joe, I give up, can you make sense of his hair?; I almost forgot it’s library day!; Mom, I wanted my other Lego Batman towel for nap this week; Mom, Willow is wearing my old mittens; ok, put on your hat; Joey doesn’t want to wear snowpants today; Ralph’s snowboots are still wet from yesterday; bike helmet; bike lock; Lego structure for the sharing basket just broke; put the Trader Joe’s bags in the car because I’m food shopping after drop off; grab that toy we borrowed after the play date last week; and the outgrown snow boots friend asked for last night; the birthday gift we forgot to take to the party on Saturday; note for the teacher that friend is picking up after school, AHHH! do you feel me?}

8:10am Leave the house

8:30am Worship with my kids at Mustard Seed School

9:00am Trader Joe’s

9:30am Visit with my clients/friends

9:45am Workout at Local Barre or CycleBar

11:00am Visit with my staff/friends

11:45am Pickup Willow from preschool

Lunch, errands, and one-on-one playtime with my best girl

3:00pm Pickup Ralph (Kindergarten) and Joey (2nd Grade)

3:05pm Church Square Park

4:30pm Home to unpack backpacks and do homework

5:30pm wine! Uh, I mean cook dinner!

6:00pm Dinner (we always eat as a family—unplugged)

6:30pm Bath* + pack lunches

7:00pm Bible (we unplug for 15 minutes as a family all snuggled in one room for quiet bible study)

7:15pm Rock Willow {yes, she’s 3 ½ years old}

7:30pm Books & snuggle with boys

8:00pm Talk about ALL THE THINGS with my husband


*At the risk of sounding like a braggart, my husband cleans up the dinner dishes! He has a house rule, “you cook, you don’t clean!”

If you haven't checked out a class at Local Barre and/or CycleBar,

we HIGHLY recommend doing so fast!

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