25 Things About Melissa

  1. My maiden name was Weiss. My married name is Wise

  2. My husband and I went on a date almost every single day after our first date (we met online!) and got engaged after 6 months of dating.

  3. 2018 marks 20 years of me living here.

  4. I once came in 4th place in the state for a spelling bee. I’m a major spelling nerd. Ask poor Cassie!

  5. I am obsessed with the Beastie Boys. I can’t even count how many concerts I went to of theirs and my son’s favorite song is Brass Monkey! I once dated a guy mostly because he looked like MCA.

  6. I hated the name Kane (my son) for months and then finally conceded to my husband. Now, I like it.

  7. I eat popcorn as much as Olivia Pope. I generally only make it on the stove in a pot with olive oil like a pioneer woman until now…my husband bought me a popcorn machine!

  8. For years I thought I was allergic to red wine and told everyone I was and refused to drink it. It turned out that I just had too much cheap crap and that’s why I got sick!

  9. I used to be a HUGE club girl! The stories I could tell…(and the pics I’ll never show you!)

  10. My celebrity crush has been Johnny Depp since 21 Jump Street. Never wavered…

  11. I have a crazy rare benign tumor in my left hand that we found when in 1986 which made me the 101st case in the entire world. None have been reported since! I used to be reviewed by medical students as a kid for it.

  12. When I was in 2nd grade, I was so obsessed with Ricky Schroeder on Silver Spoons (many of you are not even sure what this sentence means!) that when my friend at school said she had his number, I believed her and wrote it in my diary for safe keeping!

  13. I know a LOT of random facts about a LOT of random things…alligators and artificial sweeteners are two topics I am an actual expert on.

  14. I’ve seen every single season of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and Bachelor Pad. I live for it!

  15. I was the matchmaker for two couples who are both happily married and have been for years! Maybe THAT was my calling.

  16. I cannot get enough of horror movies, haunted houses, and Halloween. I’m so excited to say my child is EXACTLY the same about Halloween and scary things! (We haven’t done a horror movie yet, (he’s only 3!) but he does love Tim Burton movies!)

  17. I never sleep. I guess I probably have untreated insomnia, but have been this way since birth. My mom swears as an infant I never even napped and never took my first nap until I was five.

  18. I am an adrenaline junkie! I love stuff like skydiving, zip lining, class five water rafting, rock climbing…you name it, I’m in!

  19. I have a fine dining background and eat almost anything. Two things I don’t eat: octopus of any sort and tomatoes. Unless it’s a super smooth sauce or ketchup. I will NOT eat a chunky tomato in a sauce, pizza, salad, get the idea.

  20. I get really uncomfortable when people are too sappy or emotional with me. I have to infuse humor into everything. Except my son…all bets are off with that little guy!

  21. I was a theater major, a marketing major, and a fashion major and ended up an event planner and blogger!

  22. I love pigs. I think they are the cutest!

  23. I love football. Go Eagles!!!!

  24. I was voted Class Flirt in the yearbook my Senior Year of high school and it infuriated me!

  25. I am never late. Not ever. In fact, I’m mostly early. I hate when people are late and think it’s so rude! I get this from my dad who has been known to leave people behind if they aren’t in the car on time!