25 Things About Cassie

1. I share a birthday with my sister (but we are 3 years apart).

2. I’m 1/2 Israeli. (Yes, I have been to Israel, but I don’t speak Hebrew except for a few very important phrases like “where is the bathroom?” and “where is the ice cream shop?”…aaaaand maybe a few dirty words I learned at sleepaway camp)

3. But, I do say a Hebrew prayer with my daughter before every sleep.

4. I was born with a cleft palate. Not the lip that’s visible- just the palate. I had a successful surgery when I was a year old, and thankfully never had any speech problems.

5. I have never been to Vegas (...and I don’t really want to)

6. I never (and I mean NEVER) put a whole piece of gum in my mouth. I only ever bite off a tiny bit, so one piece of gum can last me forever.

7. I am really sensitive and take everything personally- but I’m really good at not letting people see they got to me. Except my husband, he knows every time he’s bothered me. #sorrydude

8. I went to college at Northeastern and grad school at Nova Southeastern. Many asked if I was going to do anything as Northwestern, but I could never get in. Just saying…

9. I can do a really good running man.

10. I have an outie belly button and I hated it so much as a kid that I didn’t wear a bikini until I was 13

11. I curse a lot. It’s kind of a problem…I’m working on it.

12. I am addicted to paper towels. I know, I know…bad for the environment. But I literally have anxiety when I’m on the last roll.

13. I love Vanderpump Rules & Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I’ve been to both Villa Blanca and SUR. #sorrynotsorry

14. I once hosted a potluck with my friends, but didn’t plan very well and every single person brought a different dip.

15. I love dogs, but am afraid of almost every other animal.

16. I am really afraid of heights, but I went zip-lining. See pic below. It says it all.

17. I always knew I would have a daughter. And she didn’t disappoint

18. I am always rearranging & redecorating my apt. My husband jokes that he never knows where the couch will be when he gets home.

19. I have been faithfully watching the soap opera, General Hospital, for at least 23 years. Every day.

20. I just found out about FACETUNE and now I don’t trust anyone.

21. There is NOTHING I hate more than someone who thinks they are better than others.

22. My sister and I are incredibly close, and we can read each other’s minds...and we once cheated at a mind-reading game to prove it

23. I cannot remember anyone's name, but I never forget a face.

24. I always think I recognize random people in random places, so I awkwardly stare at people trying to figure out if I know them. It makes me look really odd, especially in the mall.

25. Photography is my new hobby turned passion turned ___??? Stay tuned for that one