LH Spotlight: Jump Ahead Pediatrics

In my ten-year career as an SLP, I have met a lot of therapists and visited many clinics. Our field is one that can be demanding and emotionally taxing. A good therapist connects so deeply with their patients, and it becomes impossible not to take your clients' obstacles and successes as your own. I personally have cried both tears of happiness and sadness with my clients and their families. I have felt their stuggle so deeply, and for me, that compassion and connection helped me to be a better therapist.

As soon as I met Brittany and Janki of Jump Ahead Pediatrics, I knew these two ladies were that same kind of therapist. The ones who believe wholeheartedly in the work that they are doing and give everything they can to their patients.

Brittany and Janki met in graduate school and after working in other facilities, decided to team up and open their own practice. Janki, born and raised in Jersey City, knew the need and high demand in the community. Knowing the high cost of therapy and the limited resources available, Jump Ahead Pediatrics is one of the only private clinics in the area accepting healthcare insurance.

The two have incorporated much of their personal experiences into their therapies, such as healthy eating habits, teamwork, crafts, play, and silliness. They offer a variety of services from private therapy, group therapy, and parent groups. Jump Ahead Pediatrics believes the success of the therapy is dependent upon the communication and collective efforts of the team, so they work closely to include the parents, caregivers, school, and any other treating therapist in their plan. They are so approachable and easy to talk to. You will not regret a consultation with these two! Plus, their sensory gym is SO fun, your kid won't even feel like they are "working".

With 2 locations (Jersey City and Little Falls, NJ) and other disciplines starting to join their team (SLP, ABA, etc), Jump Ahead Pediatrics is definitely a practice to look into, and one I most definitely do not hesitate in recommending to you.

Jump Ahead Pediatrics is located in Journal Square, making them easily accessible by car or public transportation.

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