#StrongAsAMother Fundraiser

As I sat down to write this post, I realized that I can't think of many people I know that haven't been touched by cancer in some way or another.

A friend recently reached out to us with a plea for help. Her best friend, another local mom, had been blindsided with a big diagnosis...the "c" word! She was experiencing some medical issues that she thought were not major and found out that she had Stage 4 colon cancer which had ultimately also made it's way to a lower lung and her liver. This woman is the epitome of health! 40 years old, in amazing shape, very fit and active, has a 3 year old little girl, eats well, doesn't name it, she's healthy! VERY healthy! Ali couldn't believe her ears, but is also a tough cookie and plans to kick this cancer's ass! In fact, Ali just ran in a colon cancer awareness race and even going through intense chemo, STILL placed SECOND in her age group!

As a mother (who's about to turn 40 and has a 3 year old!) and a human being with a heart, this is unimaginable to me! There was no other answer for us than, yes, of course we will help! And we knew our community will help too!

We want to raise money for the family, for cancer awareness, for help with the medical bills, additional childcare needs for their beautiful little girl, Lyla, if days get a little too tough...for whatever they need! We know our community always comes together for their own and there is no stronger group in this town than the mamas!

So, we are doing it the best we know how--an event! We have entertainment for the kids, a cash bar for the adults, treats, and MAJOR raffle prizes....proceeds are all helping the family out!

Don't miss this event and show your support for Ali, her family, our community, and kicking cancer's ass #likeamother!

Grab your tickets here.