LH Spotlight: The Elephants of Art

Art is fun. It is a time to be messy and get creative. Art if full of colors, textures, and messy play. It is one of the most important things we can expose our children to, and a local woman & artist, Jo O'Mara, is helping us to take the education of art one step further with our kids. Jo's book The Elephants of Art is such a fun story about a little mouse learning all of this creative activity.

In the book, the mouse meets three elephants who help him explore the elements of art. The book is adorable and written in such a fun way. You really feel like you are on an exciting journey with Toulouse the mouse.

Written for children 2 years and older, the book is full of teachable moments where you and your child can explore straight lines and squiggly lines, rainbows and fun shapes. Use of this basic knowledge can be seen everywhere. As explained by Jo, the elements of art extend "far beyond the world of art...the way cars are designed...all kinds of fashion - clothing, jewelry, hairstyles...buildings, landscape, etc. It can also be seen in math and science applications." The elements of art are the foundation of so many things around us, and Jo wrote this book so that kids (and the adults that read to them) learn to appreciate and understand them.

I genuinely enjoyed reading the book myself, and Eliza was fascinated by all the bold colors and characters. It was perfectly appropriate for her (she is 2) and I am sure kids a bit older would enjoy it too!

The website is full of printable worksheets and resources, and Jo is available for author visits to read & sign books, or even art-filled birthday parties! Jo O'Mara is a born & raised Jersey-girl who decided to write this book after a long career in art. She currently works with the Urban Arts program in the Monroe Center.

Also available on Amazon (affiliate link)

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