LH Spotlight: Cakest

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I am not a baker. And by "not a baker," I mean I once used salt instead of sugar in a cookie recipe.

So, when Cakest sent us a DIY cake, and Melissa suggested I be the one to bake it....we both laughed.


If I can make this cake, anyone can. And, that was the test!

If you were following along on our Instastories, you know that I was very intimidated opening this box. But, it comes with everything you need, including the cake mix, different color fondant, rollers, icing spreader-thingie, and detailed instructions. I just need to supply the perishables like eggs, cream cheese, butter, etc.

So, with my trusty 2-year-old sidekick, we set out to make this cake. The cake part was easy. The box came with the exact pan sizes I needed to make the perfect size cakes. Next was the icing- this, too, was an easy task with my Kitchenaid Mixer (obviously, I took it out of the box for this new baking hobby of mine!)

That is pretty much where the "easy part" ended. Once my cakes were out of the oven, and the delicious icing was spread all over, the task of the fondant was next. Rolling fondant is no joke, people! It takes some muscle! (I mayyy have been tempted to call Jen of Sugarsuckle over to help me "behind the scenes"...but I didn't!!) Of course my 2 year old thought it was play-doh and kept poking holes in it, but we managed to get the orange base layer nice and smooth. I cut out the smaller pieces and then we put them all on together. Mine definitely doesn't look like the picture- but I think it's pretty good!! And the cake was a delicious happy ending to this activity! My daughter kept saying "Mommy cooked cake!". She loved it.

So, would I do this again? Absolutely! I think this is a great DIY for someone who loves to bake and needs some artistic direction. I also think this is a great activity for older kids too!

Cassie's Cake:

Cakest was created by 2 moms, Judit and Rita, who have been friends for years. Two years ago Judit's daughter requested a castle cake for her birthday, and Judit was determined to bake the cake herself! She watched online videos for hours and then lost faith. She thought it was too hard, BUT the idea for Cakest was born!

Cakest was launched a year ago with the mission to help any level baker create an unforgettable cake. All cakes are free of gluten, soy, and nuts!

Are you ready to give it a try?! If you do, tag @LittleHoboken and @Cakest in your photos online! We can't wait to see!

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