LH Spotlight: CODITUM

The new space in the Monroe Center that has been catching everyone's eye is CODITUM. The bright white, open, and clean space feels like you are walking into something really special...and you are!

CODITUM, is a subsidiary of SummerTech, a full technology summer camp at Purchase College. Founded by Steven Fink in 2001, this camp has been a BIG hit with kids ages 7 and up, teaching coding, web design, animation, 3D modeling, sports, music, and gaming. With the success (and by success, we mean sold-out summers...year after year!) of the camp, Steven decided it was time to create a smaller afterschool and weekend program. And thankfully, decided that his hometown of Hoboken would be the perfect place for it.

The classes are developed to be fun, exciting, and most importantly effective. CODITUM teaches fundamental and foundational coding skills in top computer programs like Python and Java. The classes are taught with a 3:1 ratio, meaning every kid gets the attention and assistance they need to be successful. Lessons are conversational and collaborative, with almost every teacher being a former student, so they truly understand and believe in the program.

Some students, as young as 12 are completing AP Comp Sci requirements. That's college level stuff! And the program goes far beyond just computer skills. Remember all those former campers and students that came back to teach? The leadership program begins after 9th grade, so students begin to learn leadership skills and teamwork building.

If your child is interested in computers, this is definitely a class to try out! This weekend CODITUM is hosting an open house, and is offering one FREE trial class to anyone interested!

Classes are held weekdays at 3:30 PM & weekends at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM, and 4:00 PM.

Adult classes are starting soon! Weekdays 5:30 PM

Remember, your first class is FREE!!

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