Diaperkind is a cloth diapering delivery service that just expanded into Hoboken & Jersey City. So if you are interested in cloth diapering but not interested in the laundry, then this one is for you.

Cloth diapering is something most families decide on while pregnant. So we enlisted the help of a local mom, Elia Hennessy, to give her feedback on how this service is working for her and her newborn daughter:

My husband and I try to live a "green" lifestyle. We are always looking to reuse, reduce, and recycle whenever we can. I knew that I wanted to use cloth diapers even before starting a family. I would get horrified reactions whenever I told people that we planned to use cloth, and although I wish there wasn't such a negative stigma, I understand that it may sound like quite the undertaking.

When I was expecting my baby, I began researching diaper services. I don't have in-unit laundry and I work full time, so I did not particularly want to take on home laundering. Diaperkind stood out to me, so I kept in touch with them and they expanded their service area to Hoboken just in time for my daughter's arrival!

Signing up was super easy! I registered online through their website using my expected due date. One of their friendly delivery drivers came a couple of weeks before my due date to drop off our first set of diapers, and to pick up a key for my apartment building. When the baby came, I activated my account and now we just put our "dirties" outside of our apartment door on our designated night and they are replaced with "cleans". I like to joke that "the diaper fairy" comes every Monday night.

Someone from Diaperkind personally reached out to me as soon as I activated my account and extended an invitation to one of their cloth diapering info sessions. The support staff is very responsive and always willing to help.

At first, we thought we might struggle with it and would have to substitute with disposables from time to time. I am pleased to report that we have done overnights at the grandparents' house and even a trip to Cape May and we haven't had to substitute once yet!

Weekly diaper service starts at $32/week depending on the style. We are currently using the prefold flat diapers with snappis (modern alternative to the old school safety pins) and rumparooz diaper covers (both can be purchased directly through their website). They also offer "fitteds," which cost a bit more and are closer in style to traditional disposable diapers. I have tried both and admit that the fitteds are pretty awesome and I am considering the switch! Decisions, decisions.

The diaper covers come in so many fun colors and prints, and are adjustable so you definitely get lots of use out of them. The newborn size fit my daughter, Andi, at 7lbs and still fits her at 13lbs with a little more room to grow. The next size up will fit her until potty training.

My rookie error was purchasing and using my own diaper pail. While you are able to use any pail of your choice, most of the standard pails are not nearly large enough to fit a week's worth of diapers. Diaperkind offers a pail that fits all your diapers for the week and also has built in odor reducers.

The website also has a retail store for "extras" like diaper pail deodorizing powder, skin care products and anything else that you will need to get started with cloth diapering. If you need anything along the way, you simply order it through the website and it arrives with your next delivery.

Here are some items you might want to "add on":

Cloth wipes: Just think of how many wipes you go through! This is another easy way to reduce waste. You can add cloth wipes to your weekly service, which makes things very easy since you just throw everything right into the same pail. In order to save a bit of money, I am hand washing my own wipes. I use a standard wipe warmer to store them at my changing station that also keeps them damp.

Wash detergent: this can be used for home laundering, but in my case I use it to wash my diaper covers and cloth wipes. Straight forward, easy to use and the ingredients are super "green".

Sudsy bottoms cleanser: This works well with the wipes and can be used for bath time too. Works with dry or wet wipes. The foaming dispenser ensures that there are no spills.

Rash cream: I haven't had the need for this one yet, but I will be keeping it on hand.

Balm: This is all purpose. In addition to your baby's bottom, it can also be used for cradle cap and even sore nipples! Breastfeeding mothers rejoice!

I highly recommend Diaperkind to anyone who is considering cloth as a possibility, and even if you had not considered it before. They can also help with families who plan to do home laundering and will get you started with all of the supplies you need. They have local workshops and lots of instructional videos on their website to help you get started.

(Workshop coming up soon! See below for details!)


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Elia is a cloth-diapering Hoboken mom of 4-month old Andi.

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