LH Spotlight: Salt Breeze NJ

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My daughter Emma has had sensitive skin since birth, and being the holistic mama that I am, I am always looking for natural remedies to treat it. I have tried slathering her in coconut oil, oatmeal baths, humidifiers, you name it! So when I had the opportunity try halotherapy at Salt Breeze in Fair Lawn, NJ I was really excited to see how she would react.

Salt Breeze is a salt therapy center that has rooms for both children (2 months and up) and adults. Oksana, the owner, opened her business in April 2016 and has seen amazing results from her clients ever since. Halotherapy (or salt therapy) has actually been around for centuries and it is an all natural treatment for respiratory diseases such as asthma, skin conditions, allergies and more. During your treatment, you are placed in a relaxing room (or a more interactive and fun room for the kiddos!) while a salt generator grinds the salt that covers the floor and halo particles blow and float through the air. While you cannot see or feel them, you can absolutely smell and taste the salty air – similar to being at the beach. Breathing in the salt acts as a brush on your respiratory system, dusting off impurities while also absorbing mucus and excess moisture. The dry salt in the air helps to kill bacteria on the top layer of skin, while also repairing damage and improving it’s rigidity.

Emma was hesitant to play in this new environment at first – but once she got comfortable, she loved playing with the toys, listening to the hum of the grinder, and watching the salt disappear through her fingers. Oksana recommends 5-10 consecutive sessions for real, lasting results. I have some mild seasonal allergies and felt a benefit from our single session!

Salt Breeze is a great place to check out if you’re interested in alternative therapies, or if you or your child are suffering from respiratory illnesses or chronic skin conditions. In fact, Salt Breeze has a long list of illnesses halotherapy can help with on their website! The space is clean and inviting. I would love to check out the more relaxing adult room next time. I am always happy to learn about alternative therapies being offered in our area, and Salt Breeze is a welcome addition.


Jessica Crystal is an RN, BSN with a degree from the University of Delaware, a holistic health coach certified from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and mom to Emma. She enjoys yoga, reading, and shopping and eating on Washington Street. She has lived in Hoboken for over six years with her husband Adam. Visit to learn more about this Holistic Mama!

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