HOBOKEN MATTERS: Mayoral Candidate Interview with Karen Nason

Like many of you, we at Little Hoboken are a bit overwhelmed with this mayoral election. There are quite a few candidates, and each have some good ideas. In order to understand each candidate, their platform and get a better idea of their plans for Hoboken, we sent each candidate some questions.

It is important to note that we sent the exact same questions to every single candidate. Each response is in their own words and has not been edited at all.

We will post their responses as we receive them. Stay tuned for more!!


How long have you lived in Hoboken, and what do you love most about living here?

I have lived in Hoboken approximately 7 years and absolutely LOVE the people here. It is amazing how we all come together in community situations, and the tenacity of the small business owner's here. Love it.

What made you decide to run for Mayor? When was that "ah-ha" moment?

I decided to run for Mayor when the current administration had a pick and choose with small business owner's and developer's. As a business owner who lived through Sandy like many of us have done, my first store was on Washington Street and living through the worst business after that and then watching the administration start to attack business owners and developer's was a real eye opener. Along with the horrific construction for the past few years I decided it was time someone put "Service over Ambition".

Why should you be our Mayor? What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I think I would be the best candidate for Mayor because I did not come from the current administration that seems to be in question with a LOT of folks in Hoboken. You have three candidates that are council members who voted YES on many issues that do not resonate with lots of folks in the city. The bumpouts are a great example. The fighting among themselves on the Suez water contract blaming Dawn Zimmer when THEY all knew is appalling to say the least. We need a leader who is not a blamer and a liar but a person who puts the needs of the residents first. The overindulgence in Bike Lanes and the way they are put throughout the city is dangerous and needs to be adjusted. There are many issues and especially the crippling of small business is terrible. As a business owner my entire life I understand how important it is for small business's to survive and how the nightlife is crucial as well. This is why if you watch my video on "Night Mayor" on you will see my proposal on how this can work. ALso watch the video addressing the homeless issue with a program I call "Each One Teach One".

Do you have political experience? What experiences in your life have prepared you to run such a dynamic and diverse city?

Yes I have had political experience. I was born and raised in Portland, Maine youngest of 7. My parents were extremely hard working middle class people who did amazing job with us all. I have 5 older brother's and one sister. One of my brother's sold his construction company and went out across the country to run for President as an Independent. Greg came to NYC to spread his word and I helped him as much as possible. He believed he could make a difference in the world and I believe he did. My brother Greg did not see his political career out as he died of Pancreatic cancer at age 49. I also helped organize for a dear friend who ran for Governor in Portland,Maine, Shawn Moody who will run again. We went to high school together and he is a self made millionaire who never went to college and like myself tremendous work ethic and upbringing. One of my brothers Scott came out in high school in the 80's when people were afraid to say the word Gay and I have been to his wedding with his partner Micky of 25 plus years two times. Once in Hawaii,and Boston. I have been a professional singer all of my life and performed concerts throughout New England and NYC, and have done so for. I have been a power house business owner since the age of 16. I purchased my first home at the age of 18 and moved and sold my business and home to move to NYC where I ran successful business there for years. I am extremely well spoken and know I would be excellent at negotiating and representing the city on all matters. My fahter died when I was 10 years old and my Mom raised 7 children on her own. She was an amazing woman who instilled great work ethic. My principles and values are to be a great American. My experience speaks for itself.

Hoboken Public Schools are such a hot topic, and unfortunately, so many are misinformed about what is really going on. What do you think Hoboken residents need to know about the schools, and what are your plans for the public school system?

I find it difficult to answer this as the auspices of the school system are under the Board of Ed. I would work with the members of the Board of Ed to enrich the education program with better programs such as Athletics, Arts, Culture and programs such as language, especially Spanish, and work on the ongoing debates in the battle between Charter and Public schools.

A few candidates have mentioned community centers and/or pools. What are your thoughts on this, and do you have a plan in your campaign?

I think the community centers we have here in Hoboken need to be upgraded, but not necessarily demolished and rebuilt on the taxpayer's dime. I am the only candidate to introduce Arts and Culture in the form of Theatre programs, Jazz festivals such as the Montreal Jazz festival, live music venues, and taking the Union Dry Dock to possibly building a sort of Amphitheatre to host concerts on the water. I certainly would work to change the difficult challenges for Nightlife and such to thrive as I have proposed in my video of "Night Mayor", on my website The city needs Microbrews which I proposed and APPLIED for and many more choices for the adult parents not just children to attend such as the Mile Square Theatre.

Commuters live here because of Hoboken's close proximity to NYC, and yet our travel options can be frustrating with crowded buses and limited schedules. Do you have plans to accommodate our growing commuter population?

Work with NJ Transit to increase the number of buses during rush hours. The buses should also be distributed to have some go to the northern end of the City to pick up passengers there who otherwise are passed by and end up waiting so long for a bus ride. Also increase the number of ferries to New York and HOP Shuttle Buses to the PATH station. I'll explain more in the debates.

Mayor Zimmer has made a lot of great improvements in her two terms as Mayor. What are you looking to keep going or expand on? What are you looking to change?

I have to say that people need to watch the debate at Stevens college. There is a lot I would like to expand upon but I would like to wait for the live debate before i get into this...there is much to say.

Small businesses are what make Hoboken so special. With so many big-box stores coming to town, do you have plans to help support and protect the locally owned businesses?

Seriously? I think we all know who I am and what I stand for on small business as I AM a small business owner. If not go and watch why I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

What is your favorite restaurant in town? Don't be shy, tell us what you love there!

Grand Vin They have amazing staff, great food, and Dan the owner has tremendous music to enjoy!!! and my Cafe of course Hoboken Hothouse and Hothouse Pizza!








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