The Crafty Mom: Stained Glass Fall Apples

This activity took a little bit of prep time on my part but was mess-free with a quick 2 second cleanup. You could easily make this into a Halloween pumpkin, an Earth, or a heart by changing the cutout shape and tissue colors. This is also a great opportunity for older kids to work on their cutting skills.

You will need:

-Contact Paper

-Tissue Paper cut into squares (or let your kids rip them into pieces)

-Construction paper in red, green, and black

-Scissors -Apple Shape Template found here

Step 1:

Using the template, or your own drawing skills, cut out the apple frame, stem and leaf from the construction paper.

Step 2:

Peel the contact paper and lay it down face up. Stick on the apple frame, stem and leaf. I found it helpful to tape the edges contact paper down.

Step 3:

Have you child stick the pieces of tissue paper into the center of the apple frame until it is mostly filled in.

Step 4:

Peel a second sheet of contact paper and attach that to the first one with the apple, so that the two sticky sides seal in the tissue paper.

Step 5:

You or your child can trim off the extra edges of contact paper, but make sure there is a little bit of a border around the apple frame so that it stays sealed.


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