National Burger Day

Hello again.

Today marks my second installment of Little Hoboken food review, and I must say this was an amazing journey. For National Burger Day, I went in search of some of the most delicious ground beef ambrosia that money can buy in Hoboken and Jersey City. I was very interested to see if my current favorite from Fox and Crow could be unseated.

Over the course of 5 days, I visited 3 places that I had yet to try. Let me just say that it was one of my favorite dinner weeks ever! On Monday, I had the pleasure of visiting O’Nieal's. Thursday was The Hutton, and Friday, I found myself at Left Bank Burger Bar.

Upon my arrival at O’Nieal's, I was greeted by friendly staff and brought to my seat in the back room. I had my mini-me with me (as I always do for moral support), and was quickly given a highchair so I could strap the little monster in. Immediately, I order milk and mac & cheese to keep any possible meltdown at bay. I quickly read that they have Kane beer, so I must order since it would pretty much be blasphemous to not drink a beer named after my son. I peruse the list of burgers, and my gaze stops at the one called The 3 B’s. The description says it is blackened, with crispy bacon and blue cheese crumbles. As I sit with my little toddler form of entertainment, I drink my beer and eat some of his cheesy, delicious mac & cheese (it’s very good). Shortly thereafter, my burger arrives and it looks outstanding resting on the plate next to a pile of what I found out were very tasty fries. My first bite was tender, juicy, and exactly what I was hoping for. The blue cheese combined with the crispy bacon over a thick burger was like magic on my taste buds. I picked up a fry, and bit into it, overwhelmed by the perfect amount of crisp on the outside. This was certainly a meal to be reckoned with. Throughout my experience, I was met with very attentive and personable service coupled with amazing flavors, and plenty of beer to keep me satisfied. Combine that with the fact it’s kid-friendly, and right next to Church Square Park… It’s a must for any burger fan reading this.

On to my second trip of the week. I ventured into Jersey City to a must visit location called The Hutton. When I got there, I walked in through the back, which is a spacious outdoor garden with great character, and a feel of a place I'd love to spend a night with friends and/or family. I was greeted warmly by the staff and told to sit where I wanted to. I had my compadre in tow, as usual, so we chose a two-top near a TV with the Yankees on… perfect. I came fully stocked with “snacks” for the beast, so no need to order him a full meal (he’s very fickle, so normally not worth it). I find Kane beer on the menu, so of course that’s my choice. Looking through the food choices, my eyes quickly lock onto The Hutton Burger. With a description that says Irish Cheddar, Onions, Smoked Bacon Jam, Mushroom... I’m in. I order it without mushrooms, because well… I just don’t want them. But I’m very happy sitting outside in the fresh air with my little nut job sipping his beer (I’m sipping the beer) and watching him color and drink some milk (they brought him a coloring page with crayons). When this burger came out, I got excited. You could see the onions and bacon jam dripping down the side, which immediately made my mouth water in anticipation. I take my first bite… My teeth went through it like it wasn’t even there. It was so tender and delicious that I had to stop so I didn’t eat the whole thing in two seconds. I moved to the fries, which were outstanding; a great crisp on the outside, and salted perfectly. As I progressed through my truly amazing meal, I think every bite was better than the last. I was actually sad when I finished and had a brief moment of considering ordering another. Definitely going to be back there… Then I surprised myself when my server (who was spectacular, along with the manager) asked me if I wanted to see the dessert menu. I actually said yes, but was thinking about the boy at that point. Let’s just say I ordered the donuts, and you are crazy if you don’t go there and try them. Oh, did I mention that The Hutton is on the Little Hoboken Hook-Up card?! You can get a FREE dessert for dinner on Mondays or brunch on Saturdays just by showing the card!

Finally, I brought HurriKane and Melissa to a place I’ve heard of a few times over in the Grove Street area of Jersey City called Left Bank Burger Bar. The burger list was very unique with one called Mac Daddy with fried mac & cheese and bacon, and another called Bankrupt which had Government Cheese as an ingredient… awesome! I easily settled on the Ghostface Killer (I freaking love Ghostface btw), which was an espresso rubbed patty, ghost pepper jam, smoked gouda, sweet potato bacon tots, red onion, and mustard bbq sauce… holy c.r.a.p. (see what I did there?). Fortunately, Melissa ordered the French onion one (not on their menu online) that I was able to try as well. We also happened to find a little treat called mac & cheese pops, which were delightful! But on to the main course… I ordered my burger with onion rings to mix things up a bit. As our extremely friendly and attentive server was bringing our plates over, Slick Rick started playing which was awesome. When it arrived, I dove in and took my first bite of the rings… Perfect. Great batter, cooked perfectly, and salted just right. Then my gaze moved to what I’d been waiting for. The first bite was super juicy, saucy, and frickin ridiculous. I noticed the not subtle, but also not overwhelming ghost pepper kick. I took a second bite, and it was even better than the first. Quick break… Tried Melissa’s burger and fries, and holy s.h.i.t. (did it again) it was good. Went back to Ghostface and continued my dive into the messy, finger- licking nirvana that was the meal in front of me. I couldn’t have had a better time early on a Friday night with the fam...for real. I will absolutely be back, and if you want to join me.. I’m in!

While I can’t say definitively if my current ranking has changed, I know for sure that I will be conducting further research at all 3 of these fine establishments moving forward. I absolutely recommend that you do the same!

This post is not sponsored, just sharing awesome information and must-have foods!

If you know an amazing burger in Hoboken or Jersey City that we overlooked, please email Tim at

Tim is the father of HurriKane (Kane for short), and supporter of all things Little Hoboken. He’s been in the area with his wife Melissa (Yes, that Melissa) since 2011. He works and plays in Hoboken, and loves the waterfront and the plethora of food choices here.