There's Something About Mary

Meet Mary Clavieres.

She is the mom behind the newly revived and wildly popular Facebook group, Hoboken Mompreneur Meetup. The group has been around for a couple of years, but has been mostly dormant the last year or so. Mary, a mom boss herself, was looking for a way to network and pick the brains of other like-minded women (you know, those of us trying to balance kids & our crazy business ideas at the same time!)

So, she casually suggested a meet up. What she didn't expect was that over 30 moms would respond that they were coming, wanted to come, or wished they could come. That first meeting had about 15 of us, and we all just chatted, talked about some business ideas, and gave each other some really helpful advice.

It was an amazing sounding board-- no gimmicks.

No one to pay.

No one selling anything.

Just a bunch of moms talking about the work-life balance and giving each other business related advice...just because.

It was a breath of fresh air.

Not surprisingly, everyone asked when the next date was. And, almost everyone returned, plus some new faces. Without even trying, Mary created exactly what we all needed! And we love it.

And the best part about this group, is Mary. There is just something about her that everyone loves. She is there to organize, but does not "lead" at all. She is genuinely there seeking information and that connection to other women just as much as we all there. She is why this group works and no one was doing anything like this...until now!

So what does Mary do? Well aside from her full-time job and two kids, she also owns Brief Transitions, a line of Post-Pregnancy Panties. You know those mesh panties they give you in the hospital? The ones you think "ugh I can't believe I have to wear these things," and then you put them on and your lady parts revel in joy from the comfort....and then you steal as many as you can from the hospital....and then you run out and have a pang in your heart when you realize you have to wear regular panties again?" Yeah, those. Mary made you more.

Mary is now planning her monthly meet ups at the W Hotel Living Room, which provides a casual space where mompreneurs can grab a drink, mingle, network, and find that all-important support system of local moms. Are you a mom in business? Looking for some advice, support, or even just some encouragement? Join Mary at the next meet up!

Tuesday Sept 12 @ 7:30pm