Spreading the Pregnancy News with Baby Blabber

I am a unique idea junkie! Perhaps it comes from my party planning background, I'm not sure, but I LOVE discovering a cool idea, new product, or fun find on Etsy or Instagram.

I stumbled upon Baby Blabber doing just that...trolling for "cool". This almost made me want to have a second baby...almost!

The idea was born (pun intended) when creator, Gina, was coming up with clever ideas to one day announce to her own husband that they were expecting. As she says, she's still making announcements for everyone but herself (so far!), but it's become a fun project incorporating pop culture into announcements! The "adventure" announcement was a play on her own wedding vows. Once the items started to take off and be so well-received, she was basking in the delight of helping to share such a special moment in people's lives.

Baby Blabber is a downloadable, affordable, and creative way to tell your spouse, parents, friends, anyone really, that you are expecting! She has options to use your positive at-home pregnancy test in the big reveal or sonogram pics. (I don't know about you, but my pregnancy test is in a box somewhere....not nearly as cool!)

I asked her if she has had some crazy requests and she said not really, so I challenge one of you to be that person as she does accept custom orders! If you do want to place a custom order, be sure to private message her before purchasing one already in the store.

If you're ready to plan your big announcement, we can help you out! Get 20% off your order simply by using the code, LittleHoboken at checkout and be sure to tag us in your announcements as we'd love to see your creative ideas too!

This post is not sponsored. Just something cool we found and wanted to share!